How Technology Is Helping To Better Learning Methods For Kids

Knowledge or learning is at one’s disposal at any given time and from anywhere in the world on any subject matter, it makes group collaborations much more effective.

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The future of growth and development today primarily relies on how advanced the technology is in use. There have been two schools of thought- one that thinks education should not be integrated with technology, as it is a source of distraction for the students, whereas, the other believes that education, at a certain stage, should be integrated with technology as it enables better learning for students by actively involving them. 

Globally, technology by the way of e-learning platforms and tools is a widely accepted phenomenon as it promotes understanding, productivity and enhances the analytical ability of the students. This, in turn, enhances their performance and also helps in developing their interest in learning. Researches in the field have proved that enabling the use of technology has helped students learn better and improve their attention span. It has also been able to facilitate the fact that learning can be more interactive, interesting and engaging. 

Using social gaming tools, audio-visual tools, online quizzes, knowledge-based applications, and simulations have become ethical and an integral part of the learning method today.  It has been formidable in spreading education to the far-flunked pockets in the country where initially education was negligible. The biggest boost has come with the government’s campaign to boost education in the country and make India digitally equipped. A seamless integration of education with technology can happen only when students use technology daily for learning but also when they have adequate access to tools that help enable learning which also comes with teachers educated in the use of latest technology tools to teach. 

Online learning is offered in a variety of methods with blended face-to-face classroom teaching along with e-learning tools. While some work along the project-based learning wherein a certain project requires a student to master a particular technology module or tool to enhance their knowledge in respective fields.  On the other hand, there is a lot of buzz around the social game based learning and simulations used for teaching. They have developed this as a new way to promote learning as it catches the attention of the students faster than anything else and enhances their span of attention. It also tracks their progress and keeps their interest alive in learning. 

Knowledge or learning is at one’s disposal at any given time and from anywhere in the world on any subject matter, it makes group collaborations much more effective. 

The foundation for technology-enabled learning has to be that it supports the curriculum goals and helps the students to effectively reach their goal by making it interactive and easy to understand and operate from anywhere. An effective integration with technology is possible when students are able to select technology tools to help them obtain information in a timely manner, analyze and synthesize the information and present it with optimized backing.

For enabling kids to go online they need to first learn computer skills, which vary from a word, excel, power point, art, internet, video making to coding. Learning computer skills at schools in a traditional way may not entice kids to learn these concepts at ease. There are platforms which provide this facility of gamification of learning concepts be it computer skills or entrepreneur skills.

Kids being fun loving, expect fun at everything they do. The technology enables the kids to learn at their convenience and at their pace. This is not available in traditional school learning where the kids have to catch up with other kids at the speed of the overall class.  There is a new trend of outsourcing computer skills training to experts for bringing in a more practical approach to learning of these skills.

Computer skills have become a basic necessity of every kid to know about everything they are studying and even for completing projects given in the school. Without having basic knowledge of computers it would be very difficult to even learn for them.

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