How To Improve Teaching-learning Through Smart Classes?

In India, a ‘Smart Class’, is a recent concept and a new vision in the education sector.

Globally, technology has refurbished every industry into an innovative and creative model. The traditional methodology has already been abolished and drastic evolution has been seen everywhere. Developed countries are way ahead in implementing the modern system. Whereas, developing countries like India, are on the verge to revamp their traditional process to modern and digitized format.

In India, a ‘Smart Class’, is a recent concept and a new vision in the education sector. The formulation of digital teaching began in India about 15 years ago, whereas in developed countries such as the US, Russia, Japan, China the smart, digitized classes came into existence about 20-25 years ago. 

A diversified country like India, adopting this modernized system is a challenge. There are many factors which confine in accepting these methods such as lack of internet connections, infrastructure, not well-equipped tools and many other aspects refrain teachers and students from availing systematic teaching and learning.  

An innovative and technology-equipped classroom is embedded with the computer, audio-visual equipment and smart interactive whiteboard. Several companies from the past 5 to 6 years have started to develop technology or products which can strengthen and improvise the smart education system in India. 

Present Era of Teaching-learning Process 

In the present situation, virtual classroom is a new concept. During pandemic and post-pandemic, many schools and educational institutes are either offering remote teaching or will be opening in a phased manner. To improvise the remote teaching, schools and teachers are looking for better-equipped models, technology or products which can help them to teach and build the engagement between the teacher and students close. On the other hand, students and their parents prefer to have user-friendly gadgets such as tab, advanced tech-based laptops or monitors.

Hybrid teaching is also becoming one of the useful teaching methods, but there is a need to optimize this technique too. 

The pandemic has created ample opportunities for brands in Edtech sectors, startups and electronics to develop and create innovative products and offer services which are user-friendly. It is important to develop an innovative, user – friendly and high- end features product which will blend with the concept of smart class and cater offerings which work with our end users. 

Factors in improving smart classes

Manage resources in the cloud – As the realm of smart classes and digital learning is gaining traction, it is necessary to have an integrated platform to store all the resources. For the learners as well as the teachers, cloud storage feature will be an additional benefit of being easily accessible from anywhere, too easy to use, efficient in synchronizing and updating.

Face to face interaction – It is vital to have face to face interaction among students and teachers to bring effectiveness in the learning process. 

Video-assisted learning – Today, videos are curated for academics to offer an interactive and dynamic learning environment. An interactive whiteboard is one of the prevalent products in enhancing engagement and interaction. Similarly, it is important to develop education-based technology to improvise the current techniques. 

Game-based learning methodology – To promote critical analysis skills and enhance interactive sessions among students, teachers engage them with education-based games such as quizzes, puzzles making a learning method fun. 

Along with these, it is also important to dwell on a product which can offer features such as screencasting, throwing and mirroring between devices providing an active learning environment. Virtual and augmented reality techniques to build an interactive learning platform will be added in improvising the methodology.  

To create an engaging, interactive, and effective environment in the education system, it is of utmost importance to enlarge the product portfolio. 

It is extremely imperative to develop and modernize education in India. A smart learning approach will bring quality education to students by helping them grow, develop skills and build better concepts. It will also provide teachers with the capabilities to continue teaching and inspiring their students to learn, regardless of their location and the current situation.

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