How Women Entrepreneurs Can Become Efficient Leaders

Irrespective of gender, not all entrepreneurs can also be leaders because there are some special traits which keep them apart and distinct from the crowd.

With better EQ, empathetic nature, cooperative behaviour, negotiation skills, and the habit of paying attention to details, from the fashion world to the financial sector, women are succeeding with ease in their entrepreneurial ventures. But, when they also start inspiring, mentoring, and motivating others, these dynamic entrepreneurs evolve into disruptive leaders and introduce innovative ideas and concepts in the business world.  

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Founder of Biocon Limited), Suchi Mukherjee (Founder & CEO of Limeroad), and Vandana Luthra (Founder of VLCC) are those successful women entrepreneurs of India who enjoy leadership positions not only in their reputed companies but also in their respected industries. There is something different or extra in all these personalities which make them admirable leaders in the business world.  

Irrespective of gender, not all entrepreneurs can also be leaders because there are some special traits which keep them apart and distinct from the crowd. According to Calpers’ study, besides having some good personality attributes such as assertiveness, risk-taking & problem-solving skills, and action-mindedness, female leaders also occupy some unique traits that help them to overcome many obstacles in their personal as well as professional lives and present them as role models in front of society.  

In present times, another remarkable feature of women leaders in business is their growing acceptability among male executives. Usually, their compassionate, empathetic, ethical behaviour helps to maintain equality at the workplace and with their soft skills they are better at resolving conflicts among employees without falling prey to chauvinism or racism, and this makes them favourite among all employees. Some other skills which transform a woman entrepreneur into an inspirational leader are shared below.   

Inculcating confidence in the team

Self-confidence and courage to accept challenges are the must-have merits of every successful entrepreneur, but a leader is the one who infuses this confidence and courage in all the team members and motivates them to think and act beyond their normal capacity. And, in this process, their transparent personality and honest character induce employees to respect and follow them. Evidently, the support of a team which is confident of achieving its targets further boosts up the confidence of the entrepreneur, and she thinks about expanding the business. So, a leader is the one who instills confidence in its team.   

Focussed approach

Exploring ideas and incorporating them in the business plan is undoubtedly an attribute that all the entrepreneurs have but keeping a focus on them in the long-run despite experiencing some setbacks in the initial phase of execution is a quality that only leaders cherish and celebrate. Leaders take time in analyzing the things but once they reach any decision, they stick to it in the long-run. Perseverance and persistence don’t distract them from their vision and their dauntless behaviour always helps them to focus on their goals and objectives.  

Receptivity and adaptability 

Leaders don’t just command and instruct their teams but they also listen to them. They keep themselves away from bossy or authoritative attitude but embrace receptivity for every fruitful suggestion or idea and they try to adapt to every suitable change for the overall growth of the business and its people.  

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