IIT Guwahati Launches The Centre For Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems

The Centre will develop technologies for underwater exploration and provide fellowships for Doctoral, Post-Doctoral, and Faculties

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, launched the Centre for Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems (CICPS), aimed at developing indigenous technologies. The Centre will target developing a minimum of five technologies a year. These technologies will be developed indigenously and will generate direct and indirect employment opportunities.

As many as 13 Ph.D. students and 18 M. Tech students have already joined the CICPS and these students will particularly work on the technologies for underwater exploration.  The TIH – IIT Guwahati will fund the centre for the first five years, after which the Centre is intended to become self-sustaining.

The Centre for Intelligent Cyber Physical Systems (CICPS) will have six major components:  

  1. Technology Development, 
  2. Center of Excellence, 
  3. Human Resource Development, 
  4. Technology Business Incubation, 
  5. M. Tech Program in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The Human Resource Development and Skill Development programs in the CICPS will provide Fellowships for Doctoral, Post-Doctoral, and Faculties. It will provide a platform for organizing the preliminary and advanced skill development workshops.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is a major enabler for Industry 4.0. It is a blend of almost all the engineering streams and science. The new Master’s program, initiated at CICPS, is designed to address advanced engineering topics and help to meet the growing need for industries.

Graduates will be able to use scientific methods to solve complex problems in both research and practice, particularly for industrial automation, to improve productivity significantly. The involved technological development will lead to the establishment of training schools related to manufacturing and robotics.

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