IIT Kanpur And IIT BHU Ties Up With India Accelerator To Change The Face Of Entrepreneurship In India

The first cohorts are to be created in IIT Kanpur and IIT BHU and would go live in summer semesters.

Signing of MoU at IIT BHU.

India Accelerator (IA), a launch pad for early-stage startups, has the potential to create disproportionate value and Algo8 launch Deep Tech ecosystem in IIT campuses. The first cohorts are to be created in IIT Kanpur and IIT BHU and would go live in summer semesters.

The Gurgaon based company runs mentorship-driven acceleration programs for Technology start-ups in artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Consumer space, Finance, Gaming, e-commerce, and AgriTech.

Bandyopadhyay, Professor, IIT Kanpur said, "Prithvi is an exciting experiment that can create exponential growth of AI/ML companies in the academic campuses".

Started in 2017 with an idea to achieve both a financial return and a positive economic & social impact, the guiding principle of IA is to stimulate the establishment and growth of start-up ecosystem and to increase the number of successful companies originating and developing in India.

Ashish Bahtia, Founding Partner, India Accelerator said, “Our Company helps startups grow from good to great. This launch will be beneficial for new technologies and innovations. Deep tech ecosystem is rising globally. It is the next stage of continuous progress in platform technologies. This technology has the power to create its own markets. It will also help companies to achieve growth and success”.

Algo8 is an Indo Canadian AI/ML deep tech firm that specialises in systemising tacit knowledge in O&G, Process Industry, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom, and BFSI. They have designed developed and deployed cutting edge Data and AI tech for a large organisation and government in India Canada UK and US.

Nandan Mishra, CEO of Algo8 commented, “The availability of data will enable AI to give birth to new epistemologies and challenge/change the decision science paradigm in multiple walks of life. Using it to create scalable systems that benefit businesses and individuals is what we intend to do. Ecosystems would play a big role in this. We have created that through Prithvi”.

Together at Prithvi, both will create an environment for precision in skills, global contexts, and connections, cash to create and enable new gen tech entrepreneurs. Focus is AI/ML enabled deep tech startups incubation and acceleration through a joint program.

On this occasion, the coordinator of MCIIE, P.K. Mishra, Professor, IIT BHU said, "Collaboration between IIT BHU and India Accelerator will help further strengthen the startup ecosystem in the campus. It will help students engage with industry through a structural program run by India Accelerator. Further, this association would help our students take locational advantage to engage with different stakeholders in their startup journeys".

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