IIT Madras Engages In Industry-Academia Collaboration To Develop Air Sanitisation Technologies

IIT Madras Collaborates With Vit Chennai, Queen Mary University Of London & Magneto Cleantech To Develop Air Sanitisation Technologies To Prevent Spread Of COVID 19 & Tuberculosis.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Chennai, is collaborating with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), the UK, to develop India-centric Air Sanitization Technologies and guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and Tuberculosis. This system is aimed at deployment in confined indoor places such as offices and hospitals.

This joint research aims to develop a robust low-cost bio-aerosol protection system to suppress air-transmitted diseases in indoor locations. In collaboration with Magneto Cleantech, a pioneering industry start-up based in Delhi, the testing and implementation will be done with real-time applications in various Indian environments.

The project will be aimed at developing an experimental proof-of-concept of a revolutionary air filtration system using ‘Ultraviolet-C’ radiation. It has a strong potential to increase the effectiveness of eliminating viruses and other airborne pathogens and reduce maintenance costs as compared to the available filters, which is important for developing countries such as India. 

This low-cost Bio-aerosol Protection System will eliminate airborne pathogens and prevent their spread in confined indoor spaces such as offices, hospitals and where ever large gatherings happen

This research will also involve a strong educational training element giving opportunities to students from both India and the U.K. to collaborate towards solving acute problems affecting societies worldwide.

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