IIT Roorkee Launches A Global Network Of IIT Roorkee Alumni

The Global Network of IIT Roorkee Alumni will be run by alumni volunteers.

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IIT Roorkee is pleased to launch a Global Network of IIT Roorkee Alumni to establish an extensive connect with its large number of alumni spread all over the world. It will fulfill a longstanding need of the institute and its alumni for a comprehensive and accurate alumni database.

Further, many alumni have been asking for a network that can help them search and connect with fellow alumni and also facilitate interfacing with the institute through a single window. The Global Network will seek to address this need also.

The Network will contribute in keeping alive the heritage and legacy of Thomason College of Civil Engineering to the University of Roorkee and now IIT Roorkee. It would blend the old and new generations of alumni of this unique institute with a glorious history since 1847.

The Global Network of IIT Roorkee Alumni will be run by alumni volunteers.

Provisions will be built in the implementation of the network so as to ensure that the privacy concerns of the members are fully taken care of. Further, the members will have the flexibility to subscribe and unsubscribe messages and services as per their wish. Special care will be taken to ensure the security of the database.

Membership of the network would offer many benefits. For example,

Life Membership of the network will be free;

An Identity Card will be issued to all members;

Members would have opportunities for social and professional networking with fellow alumni at local, regional, and national networks around the globe;

It will create a mechanism to mobilize help from fellow alumni for an alum or his/her family in distress;

Members will have opportunities to participate and contribute to schemes such as student mentorship programs, internships, and other activities of the institute;

Members will receive regular updates about alumni and alma mater through e-newsletters;

Members who make outstanding contributions to the network will be suitably recognized;

The facility of special discounts for products and services from various organizations will be explored for Identity Cardholders;

Privileges at the Alma Mater:

I) Identity card would help members in smooth physical entry into the campus.

ii) Subject to availability, members can avail IIT Roorkee Guesthouse facility at a discounted rate.

iii) Members will have a single window for connecting to a Dean, a Head of department/centre, a faculty specialising in a particular area or an office in the institute.

iv) Possibility of extending library services to members will be explored, wherever feasible.

v) On request, members will be invited to the Foundation Day, Independence Day or Republic Day functions.

vi) Members may request for a campus tour on Sundays. The campus tour will include visits to James Thomason Building, Hanger, Institute Archives, Medlicott Museum and Mahatma Gandhi Central Library. The request should be made at least a week in advance.

On this occasion, Prof Ajit Chaturvedi, Director IIT Roorkee said, “In this digital age, there is a paradigm shift in relation to social and professional networking. Information technology has raised expectations of alumni and students for a flat and efficient platform instead of a hierarchical and bureaucratic process. They want to connect seamlessly with each other and with the institute too.”

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, in his Convocation address at IIT Roorkee on 4th October 2019, had also expressed the need for simpler ways to connect with the alumni.

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