INSOFE Transforms Data Science Education

Through their industrial apprenticeship, product development, and research projects, INSOFE promotes an atmosphere that supports creativity, allowing students to continuously uncover solutions that push the boundaries of the corporate world.

International School of Engineering (INSOFE) began its journey as an education institute in 2011 with a team of 6 employees, providing certificate programs in data science.

10 years later, the organisation has grown exponentially and offers 19 different bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees in addition to graduate certificate programs to students from diverse disciplines.

The first class held within 5 years of inception, INSOFE's data science certification was listed among the top transformational programs in the country. Today, INSOFE has over 75 faculty with expertise in computer science, statistics, engineering, and business fields. Till date, the organisation has a 1:10 faculty-student ratio to provide individualised guidance to every student enrolled in their programs.

With data science applications permeating to different fields, INSOFE believes that all students irrespective of their educational background can pursue a career in data science under the guidance of expert mentors, provided they have the right skill set and a passion for the field.

Theory to PracticeMost ed-tech institutes offering data science courses tend to focus on teaching AI, ML, and Big Data knowledge over a large scale to just engineers and programmers. INSOFE, on the other hand, strongly believes that teaching should occur in a personalised manner that enhances student understanding of the topics and provides numerous opportunities in the form of internships and projects to implement the theory learnt in the classroom.

The organisation's unique philosophy combined with excellent mentors, data scientists, and employees ensure that students and clients receive the support to enhance their strengths and work on niche domains to build a long-lasting rewarding career in data science.

Educational diversity of date, INSOFE's 19 data science specialisation programs are spread across three unique departments: computer science, engineering and sciences, and business. These programs were created to meet the needs of students at different education levels.

Students with a high school certification can pursue a bachelor's degree, while new graduates can opt from the numerous master's degrees. Working professionals, on the other hand, can choose an executive or an online program and students who wish to pursue research can attend a doctoral degree.

INSOFE's partnerships with universities in India, Canada, France, the USA, and the UK enable students the opportunity to pursue a data science career in different geographical regions and be eligible to receive the relevant work permit upon successfully graduating from the program at the partner university.

These academic partnerships are one of a kind achievements for any data science education institute in India since INSOFE students complete a part of their education in India and receive lateral entry to attend the remainder of the degree at the partner university.

Becoming a Global Centre of ExcellenceOver these past 10 years, INSOFE transformed data science education in India by offering different levels of education programs to students from diverse academic backgrounds. Going forward, the organisation's vision is to become a global centre for excellence.

INSOFE students will work on inventing things and finding solutions that push the boundaries of the world through their industry apprenticeship, product development, and research projects. INSOFE aims to selectively choose students with a lot of promise and transform them into world-class data scientists with practical experience who shape the industry they work in.


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