IT Education In Rural Areas Need To Be Prioritised

The major part of the Indian population lives in rural areas and the development and progress taking place there clearly indicate the direction in which our country is proceeding.

The education system, being a crucial element indicating the progress of a country in the long run, is required to be upgraded and uplifted for the rural students in order to demonstrate results in the future. 

At the outset, it is high time for us to understand the gap in urban and rural education systems. On one hand, the urban education system is equipped with modern infrastructure, innovative approaches, international exposure-based teaching methodologies and on the other hand, the rural education system lacks accessibility for all such factors. 

Information technology involves a fusion of software and hardware that is used to perform every day’s essential tasks. IT education helps in the development and progress of society through advanced learning and generates maximum possible output. The rural areas of India are still lacking in terms of education therefore IT education should be prioritized there in order to open a door of opportunities for rural people. 

Benefits of IT Education

Countless opportunities 

The people living in rural areas of India are still struggling for basic necessities and education is the most puissant tool that can bring a change in the scenario. Every industry needs tech workers and by introducing technology in education in rural areas tremendous changes could be accomplished. This will not only fulfil the nation’s demand for IT professionals but also enhance the economy. By choosing IT as the profession, one will be able to get countless opportunities in different domains, be it automotive, healthcare, banking or travel.

Growing industrial demand

There is a growing demand for IT professionals around the world. The industries around the globe literally need IT professionals and this demand is expected to grow steeply in future as well. As long as there are problems in the tech world, IT professionals would be required to provide solutions. By getting skilled in the IT field, people living in rural areas will be able to dive into the pool of amazing life-changing opportunities.

Learn and prosper 

The world is transforming digitally and IT professionals can make a difference with their innovative ideas and creative skills. If IT education gets introduced at the village level, there could be a possibility of IT companies venturing into rural areas. Hiring local inhabitants will not only increase the employment rate but also reduce the organizational expenses such as providing accommodation to employees and other major expenses.

Economic proliferation

We often say that salary is not that important parameter while choosing a job, but in the end, it always comes down to what you get in exchange for work. IT professionals are paid generously, this will not only improve their financial condition but also proliferate the economy of the rural areas. 

Improving Healthcare 

The transformative potential of technology could not obviously be missing from health care. The improvement of the healthcare sector in rural areas is the need of the hour and IT enables health practitioners to store and retrieve patient’s health records in the form of data. It also reduces the chance of medication error which is oftentimes experienced in rural areas. 

Strengthening Governance 

Local governance is the foundation of rural development and democracy. The strengthening of local governance is a necessary prelude to rural development. The Panchayat is responsible for planning, executing and monitoring all the development plans therefore it is very important to introduce IT in such development programmes. The stored data, facts and figures will not only help in keeping a track of all the activities but also in identifying the major loopholes of the local government. 

For developing countries, technology is always considered to be a lever for progress. The introduction of IT education has a wide potential in all aspects of rural development. There is an urgent need for rural administration to focus on the 6Cs of IT i.e. Commonsense, Cyber laws, Computer density, Communication, Connectivity, and Cost to emerge as a well-governed and effective society of the 21st century. 

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