IT Enabled New Emerging Careers

Redefined job roles, newer job titles demand expertise in various emerging technologies, which are going to shape our future.

Technological advancements unfolding new jobs will soon become a norm across industries. India’s IT sector has witnessed a massive transformation in recent years and today IT professionals have a whole new gamut of skills to look up to in order to excel in their careers.

Redefined job roles, newer job titles demand expertise in various emerging technologies, which are going to shape our future. In order to keep pace with these dynamic developments and to remain relevant in business, IT professionals across levels are reskilling and upskilling themselves.

In March this year, at Nasscom India Leadership Forum 2018, Prime Minister of India announced Nasscom’s ‘Future Skills Program’ which aims to train about 40 lakh IT professionals in eight new skill sets, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data.

"With technology evolving at a rapid pace, organizations are progressively adopting digitization and automation. Reskilling, therefore, has almost become a necessity in order for IT professionals to remain relevant and grow in their careers. There are some organizations that are proactively focusing on employee upskilling as part of their employee retention and motivation programs. These companies are conscious that a reskilling program is much more economically viable than hiring and training a fresher. Several IT professionals are themselves resorting to reskilling courses for growth.  In the contemporary workplace scenario average is dead, and thereby professionals are seeking to upgrade their skills in emerging technologies such as data sciences, big data, blockchain etc. in order to enhance career advancements." says Karthik Kadampully, co-founder and CEO of edtech firm AEON Learning, which provides courses on emerging technologies through its platform Acadgild.  

AEON Learning lists a few hot and emerging career domains, which tech professionals can consider in order to be on top of their game:

Big Data Engineering with Hadoop and Spark – The course offers a career boost to professionals who are looking to scale up the ladder in the field of Big Data Scientists, Big Data Analyst, Big Data Solutions Architect, Big Data Engineer, Big Data Researcher. The spending on big data technology is expected to reach $210 billion by 2020. Even though Big Data has been around for a while, the market still has a big demand for professionals with knowledge of the domain.

Data Science – A Data Scientists’ job has been termed as one of the sexiest jobs of the 21st century (HBR report). In the age of AI, Data Scientists are considered to be the prime assets of an organization and the job has become the most desirable among all tech jobs. Data Scientists are among the most highly paid tech professionals. Industry data suggests that the demand for data scientists is only going to grow in future. Professionals aspiring to a career as Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineer, Data and Analytics Manager can consider opting for a course in Data Science.

Full Stack Web Development – An average full stack developer earns nearly $ 1,30,576 per annum. Given that web development is more holistic and complicated, especially when it comes to creating a website, professionals in the full stack web development need a strong frontend and backend capabilities. Front End Developers, Back End Developers, Full Stack Developers, Web Developers, Software Analysts, Software Engineers, ReactJS Developers, NodeJS Developers and JavaScript Developers can consider opting for a course in full stack web development.

Blockchain Developer – Blockchain is the next emerging career domain. Experts predict that by 2024, the global blockchain market will be worth $ 20 billion the market for blockchain-related products and services is expected to reach USD 7.7 billion in 2022. Professionals opting for this course will pave way for a fruitful career as Blockchain Developers, Engineers, Architects, Solidity Developers, Researchers, Product Managers.

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