ITC Classmate Introduces Acoustic Anthem To Applaud Students’ Return To Schools

ITC Classmate’s Anthem marks Children’s Day as a beginning of a new chapter of hope and happiness for students.

ITC Classmate, a notebook brand with unmatched product quality and a strong commitment to partnering students in their journey of learning and development, today unveiled an anthem marking the start of a new and positive phase in the lives of students returning to their schools after a long time. Launched on Children’s Day, the anthem, composed as an aural ode to academic life, comprises a mélange of relatable ear-pleasing sounds which bring back happy and fond memories from school and college times. 

The music of the anthem strings together supremely comforting everyday school sounds such as the chime of a school-bell, the rustling of papers turning in a notebook, or even the evocative noises of chalk writing on a blackboard and the teacher greeting the students in a singsong voice. At the core of the audio-visual representation is the emphasis of the single most essential component of any academic life—writing and the notebook on which the scribing takes place. The rejuvenating Anthem is intended to provide encouragement to students, re-embarking on their academic journeys after the disruption due to the COVID pandemic by bringing alive the memories of school with Classmate notebooks. 

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