Imarticus Learning, a Hub Of Online Mba Programs Offering Specializations In Domains Of Digital & New Age Banking, Fintech, Investment Banking & More

Aimed at equipping professionals with new-age skill sets along with a strong focus on leadership skills, these programs offer experiential online learning experiences and facilitate the application of concepts in the real world

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Technology has progressed to the extent of full-scale MBA and other professional certification programs are available online offered by top-tier universities. Against this backdrop, Imarticus Learning has launched MBA programs and PGP certification programs tying up with some of India’s & the world’s most renowned universities, offering aspirants a chance to upskill and build successful management careers. With the programs being taught entirely online, it allows learners to gain knowledge and skills while also exploring other areas of interest or even continue their existing jobs. 

Imarticus Learning’s online MBA programs feature a range of new-age specializations including Banking & Finance Management with an emphasis on Digital & New Age Banking, FinTech, Investment Banking, Equity Research. The professional courses are set to help aspirants gain access to world-class learning experiences online along with a holistic learning experience. 

 Best suited for graduates with 1-2 years of professional experience, the online program is specifically curated to upgrade existing careers and redefine industry knowledge in the Banking and Finance sector. Furthermore, the program offers learners to pay part of the fees only after job placement. This dual program is designed for careers such as Private Banker, Global Finance Researcher, Business/Financial Analyst, Asset and Wealth Manager, Investment Counsellor, etc.

For recent graduates, with zero or little experience, the Online MBA program in Investment Banking and Equity Research as well as the Online MBA in Fintech are the programs to be considered. Moreover, all Imarticus Learning’s MBA students will gain lifetime access to its extensive catalogue of industry-oriented Webinars, Videos, Case Studies, Blogs, and Masterclasses. 

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