Impact Of COVID-19 On Training And Placements

COVID-19 has started a frenzy of panic where it is impacting the people who were to be hired and placed and thus directly steering their career, passion and profession.

Since the world has been hit with the global pandemic of coronavirus, nothing's the same anymore. Countries are trying their best to stay vigilant and prevent the graph from ascending in more cases. Along with having various sorts of impact on the people, the pandemic has also been seen fiddling with the future of many, as it directly affects the training and placements of graduates and postgraduates.  

COVID-19 has started a frenzy of panic where it is impacting the people who were to be hired and placed and thus directly steering their career, passion and profession. The uncertainty of the future is crawling closer by the day, leaving potential-employees (also recognised as recently cleared graduates and postgraduates) all unnerved, insecure and anxious. The industries across all verticals are nose-diving in terms of business along with observing a certain stillness in the liquidity in financial markets. This is leading to plummeting figures and vulnerability-- becoming a significant factor contributing to the impact of training and placements in the coronial era. 

However, since the times are tough and the situation constantly changing as the virus mutates and spreads-- the technology is taking a step forward too, upping the game of professionals and brands in the industry. It is often said that need is the mother of all inventions, and the phrase is finally taking a literal shape in the pandemic crisis as various sectors derive a diversity of digital and online ways to drive their businesses and brands into the light yet again.  

Understanding the need of the hour, a lot of companies are now witnessing a paradigm shift as they digitise their ways of working and digitalise their businesses. The brands are now making their companies digitally advanced as they are turning their recruiting and placement processes online. A lot of companies are offering online introductions and orientations as they hire new talent, pacing up to match the international tech-advancements while making the country globally competitive. Online internships and the introduction to virtual work culture, as we adopt Work From Home and Webinars/ Digital Conferences as our new normal, are bringing a change that is much-needed.  

The virtual training, workshops and mentoring programmes are working as a reassurance, making young talent feel relieved about their career and job status rather than leaving them all high and dry. Even though the coronavirus might be impacting the physical work environment drastically, the industry leaders of our country are still striving to neutralise the blow as much as possible by infusing a virtual culture in their enterprises, working wonders as they hire new staff and train/ re-train and hone their skills. 

A lot of companies are also taking this opportunity to go public on social media and other platforms, where they are being expressive of honouring their previously-made commitments. A lot of brands have come out and confronted the crisis head-on, only to reassure the people who have already gotten their joining letters or whose recruitment have been in the pipeline that they will not back off from their word and rather cater graciously to their staff and soon-to-join employees.  

The times might be dark with the pandemic hitting us all at our weak spots, but there still is a light at the end of the tunnel, being produced by companies, brands and doyens in the sectors. With a positive attitude to combat the situation and bolstering the spirits of people who are yet to start their careers or almost started with their jobs, the industries are endeavouring to create some momentum in terms of liquidity and support people as they honour their word while offering job security and building faith.  

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