Importance Of Empowering Educators Through Technology

"It's not just recognition, teachers are contributors, they need a platform to share their work"

Manav Subodh, Co-Founder, 1M1B

Manav Subodh, Co-Founder, 1M1B Foundation speaks with BW Education about embracing technology, immobilizing the youth and Lead Z teacher's awards.

How the pandemic has impacted the Indian education system and especially teachers & educators?

Almost overnight, teachers were asked to switch and take their classrooms online. They had to change their content, pedagogy, and teaching methods to suit the new environment. With additional challenges related to good internet, availability of devices, tracking attendance, conducting online examinations and the growing pressure to watch out for children's wellbeing/ mental wellness, teachers and educators have been dealing with a lot last 1 year. In spite of all these uncertainties, they have been innovating every day and striving hard to keep the online classrooms alive, happy and engaging. 

What inspired or motivated the 1M1B foundation to commence Lead Z teacher awards?

It's not just recognition, teachers are contributors, they need a platform to share their work, best practices and innovations in classrooms so that their work can reach many more teachers and hence students. Some of the top teachers who have been doing extraordinary work during the pandemic can inspire many more teachers, not just in India but across the world with their work. Lead Z teachers awards are a step in this direction.

Do you think that governments at different levels must also felicitate and encourage the teachers?

The government is already doing a lot of work in this direction.  Given the size of the Indian education system, the private sector, multinational corporations and civil society need to come together and complement so that such initiatives can reach many more teachers and scaled.
What 1M1B Foundation is doing to create entrepreneurs and jobs at the grassroots level?

1M1B Foundation mobilizes young people to create an impact at the grassroots and villages of India. Since the year 2015, 1M1B has been working in over 152 villages in the States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Programs range from skill development, entrepreneurship and enabling finance for rural entrepreneurs. Over the last few years, 1M1B has also trained over 10,000 young innovators on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mentored them to create innovative solutions for grassroots challenges.

Any message for teachers and change-makers?

The use of digital technologies like artificial intelligence, digital creativity will define jobs of the future. We need to train our students to leverage the same, get ready for tomorrow and become real problem solvers. I request, not just the computer science teachers but all teachers and change-makers to step forward, embrace digital technologies, get trained and evaluate how they can be used to empower students.

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