In-home Learning During Lockdown With iDream Learning App

The free app offers digital content for classes 1st to 12th and in all major subjects.

On the second day of the lockdown, we received a call from a very inspired Government school teacher in Gujarat. There was concern in his voice. He asked me, “What do I do to ensure that my students can do some learning at home. I don’t want them to miss out today and then suffer later in the year”. 

I comforted him, told him about something that would be perfect for him. Disconnected the call and sent him a Google Play Store Link to an app. 

Two weeks hence, his 50 above students are sitting in the safety of their homes and are continuing their learning via this app. The teacher schedules daily Zoom Calls, guides them on which video lessons to watch or which books to read on the app, takes their questions and clears their doubts. 

That app is iDream Learning App. 

In another instance, a private school based in Chandigarh had bought offline digital content from us on a pen drive to run it on the smart class setup they had in their school. Lockdown happened and the pen drive was never used. Another frantic call was made to our team member and the same link was shared with them. 

As the lockdown was extended on 14 April, the same private school is much less worried and is happily engaging their students on the free mobile app. 

Again, that’s iDream Learning App. 

iDream Learning App is launched as a free and inclusive app to serve both the English medium students of private schools and local language, last-mile students of government schools and NGOs. 

In the current lockdown times when all our government & private schools and NGOs are closed, a mobile app is the only possible way of ensuring that engagement and education continuously reach our children in an enjoyable manner. 

The free app offers digital content for classes 1st to 12th and in all major subjects - Maths, EVS, Sciences, Social Sciences, Commerce, English Grammar, Hindi Vyakaran and Computers. 

It currently has content in English, Hindi medium and major local languages including Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali aligned as per CBSE and all major state boards. 

Great value and differentiator of the app is that it offers Animated Video Lessons, project making videos, a rich digital book library, life skills content such as on health & hygiene and Practice & Tests in a single view to the student.

Since the launch, many teacher networks, schools, national NGOs and CSR organizations have come together and partnered with iDream Education to take the mobile application to their target beneficiaries across different states in India.

The Army in Kashmir has been one of the first institutional users of the app, where the app is now being circulated to the parents and students of all the Army Goodwill Schools across Kashmir so that the students can continue their education from their homes in these difficult times.

iDream Learning App is a commitment by iDream Education to serve the needs of all learners with an easy to use and an inclusive digital learning solution that can build a proactive interest in students to learn and acquire life skills for growth. 

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