Indian Education System Needs An Overhaul

The Indian education system is in dire need of a complete overhaul with students being transformed as senseless robots lacking the much-needed insight and understanding to excel in the journey of life.

The Indian education system has evolved and grown rapidly in the last decade giving rise to a number of technical and management colleges where students have multiple options to choose from. However, we need to see if the present Indian education system is churning out a skill set that society needs for its value addition or simply creating toothless tigers who would be rendered useless without the skill sets of the future.

One thing the Indian education system has proven time and again is that its focus is on only degrees and numbers rather than imparting practical knowledge to its students. With the WEF report on expanding the skill gap in the next five years for the world, on close introspection, we find that we are lagging way behind. Despite these forewarning, Education has not seen anything to displace this threat except National Education Policy which is going to take its own time. Meanwhile millions of students who are presently spending time and money on their education are at risk of finding themselves at a crossroad. Instead of having a focus on just enrolment and degrees, we as educators hold the responsibility to guide them towards knowledge, information and self-employment.

The education system in our country is in dire need of a complete overhaul with students being transformed as senseless robots lacking the much-needed insight and understanding to excel in the journey of life. The teaching methodology is more about enrolments and inflated pass marks rather than imparting quality education.

What is missing?

The primary focus of our education system is on theory and not application, thereby it fails to impart the necessary life skills that are essential to make informed decisions and deal with challenging situations later in life. In an attempt to reward mediocre success, educators fail to teach the learnings from an excellent failure so as to overcome the fear of failure and try something new in life.

The education structure has a focus on herd mentality and does not encourage individualism. Students are not encouraged to be free thinkers and follow their passion, instead are pushed into engineering or medicine because of parental and societal pressure. The structure does not allow graduates to be job-ready. Only if students can pursue their heart and chase their dreams, will we have brilliant innovators. 

The education system must be futuristic whereas the current system works primarily on the idea of solving the skill gap for present needs. The future is changing more rapidly now and keeping pace with its needs is essential to be able to bridge the gap. Present education utterly fails to either deliver the quality skills or to even bridge the gap for future skill requirements. So much so that if we don’t change here, we are fearful to have highly skilled engineers and resources who will not be valued for their talent.

How to address these shortcomings?

Every child is unique with a different absorption power; hence personalize education so that they can learn at their own pace. Adequate counselling also plays a role to help discover their strengths and likings. It will help find diamonds and also ensure a successful and happy life for every child. Additionally, a basic understanding of various vocations is a must such as understanding the arts will help an engineering student design beautiful solutions and understanding humanities will enable brilliant scientific breakthroughs.

Curriculum with an emphasis on practice is the need of the hour, essential skills need to be taught at an early age along with theoretical knowledge. The emphasis on education has to shift from textbooks to practical application and the real world. New-age technologies must be introduced from the early years of education so that it does not come like an alien thing later in their life. Indian education institutes need to evolve their curriculum and methodology and incorporate advancements such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to mould students in upcoming fields who can then go on to build game-changing products and solutions.

The new normal has seen a massive adoption of online education that has helped students learn at their own pace and thus the country has seen a sudden boom of edtech start-ups in India.  Edtech start-ups impart quality education on various topics from the comfort of their home apart from school or college education and help them become an all-rounder

In conclusion

The Indian education system really needs to gear up if we are looking to produce talent with the potential to compete at a global level. While there is a lot to learn from the west, we must dig up and learn from our rich history as well. It’s time to embrace technology and shift from traditional learning to new-age learning to produce future leaders.

If we don’t fill this gap or change our education system today, we are bound for massive education and employment failure in future and the generation will suffer due to lack of futuristic education system overhaul.

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