Indian Students Welcomed At Truman State University

The University is offering up to $10K in merit-based scholarships to students

With an outstanding curriculum and exemplary academic standards, Truman State University offers Indian students a pathway to a bright future.  As the top-ranked public university in the U.S. Midwest region for 24 consecutive years, Truman provides intellectually curious students with an active, rigorous learning environment that develops future problem solvers and leaders. And now Truman is opening its doors wide to future problem solvers and leaders from India.

“We have had a modest, but steady flow of very successful students from India for a number of years but now we are making a special initiative to welcome the growing number of high-achieving students from India who are looking for quality education at an affordable price,” said Tim Urbonya, Executive Director of International Education at Truman. “Indian students have a lot to offer to our learning community.” Urbonya said, “Truman is offering special merit-based scholarships of up US$10,000 for high achieving students from India.”

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