Infusing Technology In Indian Education System

Amid the current circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, India is moving into a blended and hybrid mode of learning, says Mittal

India in recent times has witnessed the digital revolution be it in banking, agriculture and small businesses and now anyone cannot imagine a world without technology. 

In the education sector, technology has always been a part of their lives but the Covid-19 pandemic infused the tech in the lives of students as they shifted from classroom teaching to online learning.  

At the BW Education Summit and Awards 2022, Navin Mittal, IAS, Commissioner of Collegiate Education and Technical Education, Telangana Government talks about education, online learning and the emergence of technology in India. 

"In the past, we were always grappling with the slow change of educational processes when most of the sectors were disrupting the world due to the use of technology," says Mittal. 

He also says that in the last few years, India has seen a huge transformation driven by technology. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated that whole process and we were forced to go online in terms of education.

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