International Educators Welcome Indian Students’ Commitment To Overseas Study But Note Visa Concerns

A recent survey revealed that 83% of Indian and Nepalese high school students remain optimistic about higher education despite the current challenges.

 A study by The Student Quest by the IC3 Institute surveyed 2,252 high school students from India and Nepal, including questions about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students’ current and future study plans. The survey revealed that 83% of Indian and Nepalese high school students remain optimistic about higher education despite the current challenges due to Covid-19, with a third planning to study abroad. Among the 33.5% of the students who said they plan to study abroad in the immediate future or after a gap year, account for 29%  and 4.5%  respectively.

The survey also noted, however, that Indian students are sensitive to policy changes relating to immigration. The rescinding of UK post-study work rights in 2012 triggered a steep drop in Indian enrolments at British universities, with 88% of students noting the importance of such opportunities. The report has been welcomed by both universities and international education providers around the world concerned that Indian students should feel welcomed and supported as they pursue their education at this challenging time. 

According to Emma Lancaster, the CEO of Study Group - “The survey demonstrates why the change in approach from the British government to provide more welcoming policies on international students is so vital. This is an area we have long lobbied the government and we are delighted that there is now a cross-government commitment to do everything possible to attract talented Indian students to the U.K. 

Just last week we met with the U.K. Immigration Minister to discuss the much improved Student Visa Route in the U.K. and we are having similar discussions with the Minister for Education Dan Tehan in Australia. The message is clear, despite Covid-19 Indian students remain important to universities around the world and their continued desire to pursue overseas study is warmly welcomed.”

Indian students are known across the world for the quality of their school education and there is a long tradition of Indian students thriving in undergraduate and postgraduate education across the world. These students then use their qualifications to undertake post-study work, gaining experience which is crucial to their future careers and which reflects the investment their families have made. Study Group which delivers pathway programmes in embedded international colleges with leading university partners in  Australia and New Zealand, the U.K. and North America - the commitment of Indian students to overseas study is important news.

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