International Youth Day: Online Skilling Courses

This International Youth Day, we’ve rounded up a list of 5 top courses that will help you build your knowledge and skills, and become more motivated, productive, and successful this year.

The economic impact of COVID-19 has made the job market more challenging for today’s youth. Moreover, it has brought to the fore that there’s an urgent need for young people to upskill themselves and build the right skills to become more employable.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a learning experience for everyone. Two key skills that stand out are: 

  1. Adaptability is the key to surviving our dynamic reality and
  2. Lifelong Learners are the world’s most successful people.

These days one can learn just about anything with a high-quality, low-cost online course. Here is a list of the top 5 online courses to be considered in the era of digitisation


In a remote, virtual world, effective and clear communication is very important. Harappa’s Speaking Effectively course teaches powerful frameworks that help build a lasting first impression, get the promotion you always wanted and ace your next presentation. This high-impact online public speaking course guarantees strong communication skills and spectacular career success. It will help you deliver ideas with precision, use empathy and logic to connect with others, and stand out as an effective speaker everyone wants to listen to.

Creative Thinking

In today’s ever-growing and changing world, being able to think creatively and innovatively are essential skills. It can sometimes be challenging to step back and reflect in an environment which is fast paced or when you are required to assimilate large amounts of information.  This Creative Thinking course offered by Imperial College London on Coursera will equip you with a ‘tool-box’, introducing you to a selection of behaviours and techniques that will augment your innate creativity. Some of the tools are suited to use on your own and others work well for a group, enabling you to leverage the power of several minds.  You can pick and choose which of these tools or techniques suit your needs and interests, focusing on some or all of the selected approaches and in the order that fits best for you.

Business Intelligence

BI professionals put their numerical ability to work and solve real-world business problems. Their insights can translate into actionable metrics, leading to changes in planning, operations, product development, and strategic management. Therefore, their primary responsibility is to maximize the use of data in an organization to direct it on the path of successful performance.  UpGrad’s Business Analytics Certification can help professionals build aptitude in:

  • Data mining and analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Management reporting
  • Using Excel, SQL, R, Python, Spark, Hadoop, etc.

Personal Growth & Leadership

“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories,” said Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher. People often tend to think of leadership as an external activity. Most leadership development courses focus solely on training people on how to lead others, but the key principle to remember here is that before you can aspire to lead others, you must lead yourself. This is where real leadership begins.

Harappa’s Leading Self course will help you to take charge of your personal growth and development, by allowing you to discover your strengths and identify areas of improvement. This leadership and management course will help you improve your performance by overcoming internal and external obstacles holding you back from realizing your true potential, cultivate a growth mindset and step outside your comfort zone. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing continues to be in demand as one of the key skills required by organizations in potential candidates. You can learn to unleash the power of digital channels with Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing 101 training course. In the digital era, businesses are reinventing their marketing strategies to better engage and connect with their customers. This course will equip you with the skills, insights and digital know-how to be a highly effective digital marketer and generate a measurable impact on your company’s bottom line.

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