Ireland extends stay back option from 12 to 24 months for Post Graduate and PhD Students

The era that marks cut down in visa staybacks, whether H1B type US visa or European visas, Ireland plays a masterstroke by increasing the duration of visa, especially for masters and PhD students.

Needless to say, most of the students migrating from India to study, usually guns for US or Britain. However the recent change in visa regulations have shattered ‘study abroad’ hopes of talented and skilled learners all across the world. Amidst this visa hullabaloo, Ireland plays a masterstroke by increasing the duration of visa, especially for post graduate and PhD students.
Mr. Rory Power, Director – India & South Asia, Enterprise Ireland, discusses further details and repercussions of this move.

Can you tell us more about this decision?
Minister for Education and Skills of Ireland has agreed to give permission to double the ‘stay back option’ for masters and PhD students from 12 months to 24 months.
The Irish government is making it easier for Indian students who have graduated in Ireland to stay on after they finish studying. This new scheme will allow eligible graduates who have studied in Irish higher education institutions and whose award is granted by a recognized Irish awarding body at Masters or PhD level to remain in Ireland for two years to seek graduate jobs and employment. However, for the Bachelors’ degree, the time remains 1 year after the course completion.

How will this benefit Indian students?
Irish institutions have been welcoming Indian students for over 100 years many of whom have made an important contribution to Ireland’s global success. This new scheme will give Indian students even more opportunity to launch their careers in dynamic sectors such as ICT, biopharma, engineering, medical devices, food science and financial services. Moreover, Irish academia and industry are quite well connected for better and market relevant research projects led by highly qualified and efficient faculties in every department.

What changes are expected post this decision?
Well institutions in Ireland are regrouping and reorganizing themselves to get ready for more admissions. This year will witness more of India-Ireland institution partnerships. Indian and Irish government are also planning to sign an agreement for educational benefits, although this is not final.

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