Is Realty The New Hub Of Opportunities For Aspiring Professionals?

Post pandemic paradigm shift has opened gates for skilled people from different industries, providing them with an opportunity to grow in one of India’s largest sectors.

The real estate industry and construction business have incontestably been one of the largest job providers for several years in India. 

The industry is now reviving at a breakneck pace post the deadly waves of Covid-19 and as the market is witnessing recovery its proportional impact is evident on the employment opportunities for young professionals as well as experienced experts.

The present need accelerated digital up-gradation of the sector and technology tools became de facto standard, all verticals of realty firms like IT, HR, finance, design, sales and marketing are evolving.

This paradigm shift has opened gates for skilled people from different industries, providing them with an opportunity to grow in one of India’s largest sectors. Trends from the past couple of months also vouch that realty is filling up with talent from various other industries. Along with the steady-paying characteristics of the job and incentives involved, working executives are lured by the evolution in terms of the nature of work. 

More and more real estate developers are moving towards ‘smart offering’ to elevate the service quality standard for consumers. From VR/3D enabled site visits to chatbox-assisted inquiries and online bookings to digital transactions to tech-enabled solutions, the sector is moving in the direction of enhanced consumer experience. 

The direct impact of this is seen on the opportunities for the employees and aspiring professionals. The more detailed work, after all, requires a higher number of skilled employees at all levels. 

More recently, the geographical expansion of companies is also taking place for improved performance. Skilled employment is generated at the base level too; electricians and construction workers for example are gaining employment momentum closer to their homes than in big cities alone. 

As value is being created across verticals and segments; the process is reaching small cities opening new employment perspectives there. Several tier II and III cities are eying a great deal of employment boost due to the real estate sector. 

The growth is expected to continue due to the booming economy post-Covid-19 in metropolitans as well as smaller cities. People are open to investment as the economy is recovering. Even more, the real estate boom and the arrival of FDI, are opening new avenues, which are expected to generate increased employment opportunities in the near future. 

Real estate offers a quicker career progression, perks and opportunity to grow. The rising demand, focus on quality constructions, innovative sales and marketing strategies, adoption of technology and the recent implementation of RERA makes it a great sector to build a lucrative career.

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