Is Technology Aiding Or Alienating Us?

Through this piece, let us see how the new age gadgets has reduced opportunities for human interaction and alienated today's kids from experiencing the joy & free play

The generation of kids today is born with progression in every sector including Science and Technology. Since the day they are born, their pictures to every single activity is posted on social media, connecting them with gadgets on the very first day. 

Computers and Internet have made the world a small place, bringing everyone on a single plate. It has become easier to connect with people having similar passions and interests. Also, befriending someone sitting behind computer walls is easier than actually making friends with someone sitting alongside. With the option of disconnecting with the world with just a single click, people choose to make friends online, as per their own convenience. New age gadgets have so many facilities for involving our minds, like watching videos, scrolling through social media, reading, listening, learning, chatting, clicking pictures, filtering and posting them everywhere; talking to someone just next door, feels like a task! The mode of communication for heartfelt conversations, thoughts, and opinions have changed drastically. People these days are more into showcasing rather than listening and understanding. Everybody wants to be everywhere and heard and watched by everyone. It has come to a stage where human interaction is being overpowered by a virtual world, created by the humans themselves. 

Looking at young parents and the society as well, most children are often subjected to people hooked on to their mobile phones. It is bound to attract them and they tend to get engaged in their parents’ mobile till they get one of their own. Once the course of mobile, internet and computer tryst begins, it is very difficult to detach and get into other activities. This is the story of many children, and because of all this, they are facing reduced opportunities for human interaction and alienating themselves. Due to constant and unfiltered exposure, kids are maturing quickly, eager to run the cat race. 

The kids of today are far from experiencing the real joy of free play as they have become too lazy and sensitive to play in gardens, playgrounds, and parks. Most of them are unaware of the custom games every child used to play, some of them don’t even know their neighborhood friends, while there are many who have developed anxiety issues due to minimal social interactions. While technology is making life simpler, it has also built up complex issues especially in the lifestyles of people. 

It will be unreasonable to simply blame children for alienating themselves, as the family plays a vital role in how they raise their kids. It is important to inculcate healthy habits and develop a lifestyle that involves physical mobility and fitness. Children watch their elders and react accordingly. Therefore it is imperative that the grownups maintain a balance, and separate work and life, while also ensure dedicated interaction with children to help instill better values and to encourage them to experience real life joys over the virtual ones. Parents need to be involved in leisure activities along with their kids to inspire them to play and shun away from technology to provide kids with the true joy of outdoor games and recreation.

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