Ischoolconnect To Host Career Development Conclave 2022

An event on the role of groundbreaking technology in career development and guidance

iSchoolConnect, an AI-based Edtech company, is back with its annual Career Development Conclave. The agenda for this year's conclave is 'How Technology is shaping career choices of students'. The virtual event will be held on August 27, 2022.

The Career Development Conclave is a platform where career development and guidance professionals come together to discuss and explore student career opportunities. The event is exclusively for Head of Institutions, Head of Placements, Training and Placement Officers, Industry Relationship Officers and Coordinators of higher-ed institutions across the globe.

"Technology is at the heart of all human activities, be it communication, education or work. The pandemic times and the new normal that emerged following the global health crisis have amplified the importance of technology. Leveraging the enormous potential of technology can help students explore uncharted territories and be future job ready," Vaibhav Gupta, Head Marketing and Alliance iSchoolConnect, says. 

The labour market is quickly changing due to technology. The nature of work and current and forthcoming employment developments are influenced by it. Thus, in the light of such rapid growth led by technology, the sooner the jump on the technology bandwagon, the better it is. The conclave is designed to uplift elements that can help students chart their trajectories to best meet their goals.

The previous iteration of this conclave, which took place in June of last year, had intriguing conversations about placements in the pandemic era, institutional adaptation and innovations spurred by the ongoing pandemic.

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iSchoolConnect Career Development Conclave 2022

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