JEE Advanced 2021 Paper 1 & 2 Analysis

The JEE Advanced examination was held on 3rd October 2021, experts share their analysis of the exam.

JEE Advanced Paper 1 Analysis

Paper 1 of JEE advanced 2021 was conducted from 9 AM to 12 AM successfully today. After talking to a cross-section of students about the pattern, difficulty level and marking scheme, we came up with the conclusion that there was a slight change in the pattern with 57 questions in all i.e. 19 each from the three subjects. It was a paper of 180 marks. Each subject had four sections A, B, C and D. The Detail is given below:







Making Scheme

4 Questions of Single Correct Type +3, -1

3 Paragraphs with Two Questions Each, Numerical value answer type to the second decimal place

+2, 0

6 Questions more than one option Correct type

+4, -2 with partial marking

3 Questions with non-negative integer Type answer

+4, 0


Student further opined that the topic coverage was full in Physics, more or less complete in Chemistry, whereas, there were very few questions from Calculus. Probability (4) Matrices and Determinants (4) were notable mentions. Overall, it was an easy to moderate paper with M>C>P as the subject wise difficulty level.

JEE Advanced Paper 2 

JEE advanced 2021 conducted with the conduction of paper 2. It was again a paper of 180 as maximum marks with significant changes in pattern from paper- 1. The pattern of the paper is given in the below matrix.








6 Questions of more than one option correct type

+4,-2 with partial marking

3 Paragraphs of Two Questions Each, with answer a numerical value answer up to 2 places of decimal


2 Paragraph of 2 questions each of single choice correct type

+3, -1

3 Questions with answers as a non-negative integer



The Physics portion was considered easy to moderate by a majority section of students. 6 questions from mechanics, 6 from electrodynamics, 3 from modern physics, 2 each from optics and heat and thermodynamics constituted the paper. About 7 questions were observed to be easy, 9 were observed to be moderate and the remaining 3 were difficult.


This segment was tricky for some students. The topic coverage was complete. There were about 7question words from physical chemistry, 6 from inorganic chemistry and the remaining six from organic chemistry, students found these sections moderate to difficult. About 5 questions can be categorized oneasy12 questions were moderate and two questions for difficult.


Mathematics portions were the two largest of all subjects there were about 5 questions from algebra 7question from calculus and 5 questions from co-ordinate geometry question were also asked from vectors and trigonometry

There were very few easy pickings in this portion student of open that only two questions were easy 13question were moderate whereas for question word of difficult category overall difficulty level wise the order is M>C>P.

The analysis provided by Ajay Kumar Sharma, National Academic Director (Engineering), Aakash Educational Services Limited

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