Jagran Lakecity University And X Billion Skills Lab Partner To Launch Workplace Skills Program

Jagran Lakecity University partners with X Billion Skills Lab to enhance the placement readiness of students for the new world of work. 

In order to ensure that every graduate from Jagran Lakecity University is equipped with the required attitude and skill sets to build a successful career in the new world of work,  the institute has introduced a mandatory 21st-century workplace skills program across all its streams in partnership with X Billion Skills Lab.

As technology and innovative business models transform the workplace - the new hiring criteria for entry-level candidates includes training in being able to apply new-age workplace intelligence over and above their technical competencies or academic qualifications. In fact, as automation or algorithms take up rote tasks, all job roles of the future, irrespective of field or domain specialization, will require the application of abilities such as emotional intelligence, creative thinking, problem-solving, negotiation, collaboration, storytelling, critical thinking and entrepreneurship. Institutions like the World Economic Forum name these as amongst the top 10 job skills of the future. Recognizing their importance in building a future-ready workforce - the Government of India has laid special emphasis on training students in these skills in its new National Education Policy.

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