Job Avenues Post a Math Degree

Mathematics often poses job-choosing difficulty. Discover what all you can do post a Math degree.

Marketing Research

Marketing research is possibly the most natural path for math graduates. This is because this field involves the largest use of numbers. In today’s world of digital media and big data, enormous bytes of incoherent data are available. But making sense of that requires mathematical tools. Post this quantitative analysis, a qualitative approach is required. So if any such graduate has good grasp of language and can write reports properly, he/she can excel in this field. 

Business Analytics

This is another field where a flair for numbers helps immensely. An equal flair for IT skills is needed. This is one of the hottest and fastest growing fields in the country right now. Major players in this include the likes of WNS, Mu Sigma and Absolut Data. 


Of all subjects, mathematics is possibly the one with maximum demand till school level. Anyone who is good at mathematics will always be absorbed at some institute or the other. The coaching industry or even schools could be lucrative options. 

Development Sector

The social or development sector has a huge demand for number skills as vast populations are covered in implementation programmes. For proper monitoring and evaluation, statistical packages are used so people with good grasp of numbers are in vogue. 

Audit & Consulting

A lot of back-end work takes place at audit and consulting professions. This is where Maths graduates can be of use as their number crunching abilities enable huge tracts of data to be mined to form useful, coherent information. 


A lot of investment companies recruit maths graduates due to their penchant for numbers. These companies need to predict market moves and stock markets ups-downs. For this data science is used up. 

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