Job Options After English Honours

Are you at the verge of finishing English Honours? Read about the job options you can opt for after completing your course.

With India’s growing economy requiring specialists from different fields to fuel a variety of industries, a lot of companies are now recruiting early. Thus the so called general education degrees have now got a professional touch as many students are getting recruited by companies straight after their Graduation. Aggressive marketing by the respective placement departments at various colleges at the undergrad level are pushing up such campus placements. 


Journalism or Media in many ways provide the ideal career setting stone to English Literature graduates. Thos with command over the language can choose either print media, online or TV. A lot of media professionals start as copywriters where they curate the content together for the presenters to read out. One can even help edit content for print media such as newspapers or magazines. 


This is one field which requires oodles of creativity and empathy. An advertiser has to get into the shoes of the product so that the client can return pleased. Jingles are created by professionals before any brand is launched. The true professionals must also get hands-on field experience for brand launches and pilot surveys. Anyone looking to get into media management must explore this opportunity. Agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Mudra, Hindustan Thompson and Oglivy & Mather are known to recruit young. 


This is another natural career path for those with good language skills. Publishing houses such as Pearson, Penguin and Sage are very particular about language skills so those really good can have a crack. This involved rigorous hours editing manuscripts. Book launches are another major part. For anyone who loves reading, this is a dream job as one gets to read the whole day!

Content Writing

In this age of digital media, online content has become extremely important. Websites may be created by computer geeks, but the underlying content has to be supplied by those who can write well. Young students must develop a reading habit in a variety of topics as content writing agencies pick up clients from various fields. The only prerequisite is sound wiring skills with an adequate dash of creativity. 


English language skills are forever in demand in academics. While a Master’s degree and / or a B. Ed. are desirable a lot of schools, tuition centres and coaching institutions require English trainers for various courses. A lot of people prefer to take up a distance learning Master’s or B. Ed, along with their academic work as it complements well. 

Corporate Communications

This is a broad field involving the communications or PR wing at various corporate houses. Internal communications such as memos, letters, application formats and important announcements are communicated by this department. Improvements or updates to the website are also done by them. Another aspect performed by this team is external communications through newsletters, public relations, press releases or investor/shareholder announcements. 


The non-profit industry is forever in search of professional executives or managers. English literature graduates can be of particular help at the grassroots level providing training on basics of the language. There are also a lot of foreigners involved in the implementation programmes of international agencies. Such graduates can help maintain the link between these foreign professionals and grassroots workers during field visits. 

Digital Marketing

This is related to content creation, but with a more holistic approach towards the final consumption. English literature graduates who join such agencies work primarily on online content but many also develop professional blogs. The focus also moves towards promotion of content on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Students possessing a knack of long term strategic thinking and creativity must explore this option.

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