Kafqa, Pt Birju Maharaj Parampara Teams

Pt Jai Kishan Maharaj and Ruby Mishra to conduct masterclasses on Kafqa Academy

India's performing arts academy, Kafqa, today announced its partnership with Pt Birju Maharaj Parampara, an organisation promoting India's well-known North Indian classical dance form, 'kathak'. Through this Partnership, Kafqa academy and Birju Maharaj Parampara endeavour to bestow the true meaning and discipline of 'Kathak' to Indian youths and carry on the legacy forward.

Kafqa is India's performing arts platform offering online dance, music and speaking classes. Pt Birju Maharaj Parampara  is led by Pt Jai Kishan Maharaj, the eldest son of the maestro, Padma Vibhushan Pt Birju Maharaj and his wife, Ruby Mishra and grandson Pt Tribhuvan Maharaj.

Under the partnership, Pt Birju Maharaj Parampara will design the courses and curriculum for Kathak at Kafqa. The team at Parampara will also enable continuous training of Kathak instructors at Kafqa. Pt Jai Kishan Maharaj and Ruby Mishra will also conduct master classes and help improve class experiences at the academy to prepare artists with the highest professional standards.

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