LPU Researchers Develop UV-Ray Based Device To Disinfect The Air From Air Conditioners

The device circulates pure air inside the room as soon as the AC is turned on.

Researchers from Lovely Professional University, India’s largest private university have developed a device that can be installed in air conditioners to disinfect the air they dispense from viruses and harmful gases.T he devices comprise of a set of UV tubes which emit rays at a particular wavelength to destroy the viruses present in the airflow of the AC. In addition, the device also removes hazardous gases such as Sox & Nox from the air. 

With the end of the lockdown, movement in public places is on the rise. That said, a large number of people are still wary of visiting enclosed spaces like restaurants and gyms currently as they fear they may contract COVID 19 through the air circulation by air conditioners. A solution like this can not only control the spread of the virus but can also build public confidence in venturing out safely. Enclosed spaces like gyms, restaurants, malls and supermarkets; can benefit extensively from this device.  

The device circulates pure air inside the room as soon as the AC is turned on. The sensing unit ignites the tube, whilst the indicator installed inside the unit, displays when the tubes need to be replaced. The research team has developed prototypes of the device and necessary testing has been completed. It took the team about one month to prepare the module. The cost of each module is between Rs. 1500 to 2000. All the filters used have already been found to be effective in various other research undertakings. 

The team behind this innovation comprises Manish Kotni, a B Tech student (Electronics Communication and Engineering) at Lovely Professional University (LPU) headed by Dr Sorabh Lakhanpal, Associate Prof & Additional Dean, Head Division of Student Welfare, Mandeep Singh, Assistant Professor, School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and Ruhul Amin Choudhury, Assistant Professor, School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering.  

“We are pleased to develop this new device that can significantly help in reducing the spread of the virus in enclosed spaces. Enclosed public areas, a category that basically includes almost all retail and F&B; has been severely impacted by people’s reluctance to venture out despite them following the social distancing norms, as people fear contracting the virus from the AC air circulation. A device like this can help boost safety at all of these places”, says Manish Kotni. 

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