LawSikho Bootcamp: US Corporate Law And International Remote Work

Lawsikho hosts bootcamp to help those in the legal profession kickstart their careers in corporate law.

LawSikho, EdTech start-up in the legal space, organised a 3-day bootcamp on ‘How to Kickstart Your Career as a Corporate Lawyer’. Despite the job crisis induced by the pandemic, new opportunities in the form of remote work in foreign countries can be tapped by lawyers now. The bootcamp was designed to address the global need and skill deficit around international legal remote work and it was free to attend for anyone.

The key takeaways from this bootcamp would be the step-by-step roadmap provided by the hosts on how to start a career in US corporate law as remote paralegals or legal assistants, which can be more rewarding than working at a domestic law firm for lawyers in developing countries due to extremely high wages for legal professionals in the USA.

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