Lawsikho Hosts International Business Law Bootcamp

 LawSikho hosts a 3-day, 9-hour Bootcamp on Career in International Business Law.

LawSikho’s latest Bootcamp saw 20k+ people from 103 countries register for the virtual Bootcamp on International Business Law, which happened from 14-16 August, 6-9 PM IST. 

The Bootcamp was free and the attendees included students from law and other diverse backgrounds, including lawyers, Company Directors and CEOs as well as other businesspersons, academic finance and HR professionals, techies and even government officials.

In the course, attendees learned how they can build their careers step-by-step in international business law, what are the challenges they will face at different stages of their careers and how they can overcome those obstacles. 

The mentors also showcased some of the career success stories. 

Not only that, the attendees learned 11 useful business-law-oriented career skills such as how to incorporate a company in Singapore, how to expand the business to Dubai and China, how lawyers can help companies with tax haven restructuring, etc. 

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