Learn & Earn From Home While You Practice Social Distancing

While learning is important, applying the knowledge learned is a key next-step that we often miss.

Learning is a continuous process and is an indispensable tool for every career and individual. Today, continuous learning forms an essential part of acquiring critical thinking and cognitive skills. Given the digitally interconnected world, especially brought forward by the onset of relatively cheap internet, knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips. It is imperative to be cognisant and more importantly take full advantage of these opportunities, especially given the current state with social distancing a norm.

While learning is important, applying the knowledge learned is a key next-step that we often miss. What we learn, we should be able to apply in a constructive manner with end objectives thoughtfully defined. This completes the circle, putting us on course for a cycle that is eventually easy to repeat. Once it becomes a habit, the possibilities are endless.

Trading has extremely low entry barriers and can be a consistent source of income, safely executed within the confines of your home. In adopting a new skill, you are spending a considerable amount of time, energy and money. In that regard, sustainability is key. You want to pick a skill that you can build upon and accordingly expect to contribute effectively for a considerable time in the future. Trading can be a sustainable business if executed thoughtfully and planned thoroughly. You can successfully earn from home if you bridge the gap and move from being a trader to a professional trader. The ability to learn & apply your skills in a consistent manner should be at the core of your trading education. Institutes and education centres have opened all over the country, and with multiple modes of delivery, as a student, you have the choice of picking as per your suitability.

Trading is extremely responsive, and it all depends on your individual style. The frequency that you choose comes with experience, but at the base is the idea that you are your own master and that flexibility is difficult to replicate with other professions.

Trading is 98% psychology. You are only as good as your last trade is a commonly used term. It is imperative that in your career as a trader, you manage your mind efficiently. This will enable you in taking thoroughly thought out decisions that are independent of any tips & short-cuts and are ultimately backed up by educational concepts. This only increase the probability of you succeeding. Trading application & real-time learnings in market hours allow you to practice and build your confidence before you begin taking independent trading decisions, and education institutes that follow such an approach are more likely to adequately service their customer base.

Enjoying what you do is key in succeeding. Institutes have often created competitions & mock charting sessions to test students ability to apply gained knowledge. Simulators, replicating the market, with a lag of a couple of minutes have proven successful in engaging with students and simultaneously building confidence levels and improving efficiency.

The financial burden for traders & investors has been on a downward spiral for a while, with the expectation that the government, with its mandate to include a larger % of the population, will continue to decrease brokerage & other commissions. This bodes extremely well for a first-time trader, with the financial impact minimal. Similarly, given the mushrooming of educational institutes, the overall cost for a consumer has fallen, thereby making it affordable for a larger population to partake.

In times of a pandemic, safety and security are of utmost importance. Staying at home and generating income using means that allow you to limit contact and human interaction is the need of the hour. Trading provides one such option, and by following a conscientious approach, educating yourself and maintaining a calm mind, you can become a professional trader and successfully learn & earn while practicing social distancing. 

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