Learning Through Play Is Must For Holistic Development Of A Child

In an incredible journey, toys have traversed from one that helps us in role-playing to one that aids in the development of motor skills as well as cognitive skills across ages.

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Learning Through Play

Toys are an integral part of our growing up the journey. Today their use is beyond simple play and they are used for educational purposes, team building, constructive play and for inculcating certain habits and concepts across age groups. 

The buying decision today is more complex as it needs to cater to the gaming requirements of the kid and educational demands of the parents. Even when it comes to parents we are dealing with both Gen X & Gen Y audience. In fact, the most common thread that connects both the generations is that they are unflinching about building their child brick by brick. 

Let’s deep dive and understand some of the key trends of the toy industry and how their use has evolved in our day to day life over the years:

Learning with smart toys

The toy market globally has progressed from generic dolls and cars to complex toys which require the presence of mind and quick thinking that in turn helps in the development of a child's emotional and psychological quotient. Be it the build-your-self toy model or automotive toys, these experiences enable learning through play. It also encourages children to explore and experiment. It makes them to reason systematically and thinks creatively. They offer endless hours of meaningful play experiences, engagement as well as allows toy enthusiasts to build anything they can dream and imagine. 

Toys in the 21st century are much more than play; they not only help boost imagination but also help in developing interpersonal social skills. Toys of today interact with kids and teach them how to connect and co-create overplay. By communicating their own thoughts and understanding what the other person wants to help them in forming better and deeper friendships and relationships.  Team play with toys equips a child with critical skills like communication, collaboration and helps them to be well rounded while also helping them to expand their understanding of symbols, shapes, and tools. Apart from motor skills, they learn the art of persistence and the feeling of accomplishment when they succeed in finding a solution. It’s like an endless puzzle!  

Learning through play at school

From the traditional chalk and duster, education has come a long way. Building bricks, cards, and shapes are used more frequently by teachers to conduct an interactive session with the students. It helps in creating a conducive environment which also stimulates learning. The learning session helps them in trying different acts in different scenarios, revising the solutions and using the best solution for results.  It helps in developing and sharpening the students’ cognitive abilities and also helps them in retaining the things they learned. Learning through building bricks encourages thinking outside the box which stimulates right brain thinking. Building bricks help in balancing the left-right brain thinking which provides holistic personality development where the child is not only logical but also creative, intuitive.

Learning through play at work 

Toys are getting a prominent place at corporates as well. Building bricks are used by corporates in team building exercises across levels. Through play, the workforce gets an opportunity to communicate with each other and work towards a common goal. Many companies are using it as a stress buster wherein cross-functional teams build structures using bricks and different elements. These exercises help in reducing stress between different functions in an organization, enhance systems thinking, increase morale and productivity. 

In an incredible journey, toys have traversed from one that helps us in role-playing to one that aids in the development of motor skills as well as cognitive skills across ages. In fact, with technological adoption in the development of toys, it will further strengthen the role of toys in our lives. They will become the most potent tool that can seamlessly aid in the holistic development. 

So let’s take some time and enjoy playing with toys.

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