Letter Bags Enterprise Solution Rights For

Letter sees 260% growth alongside receiving enterprise solutions right for several platforms.

India’s privacy-first email provider Letter, announces a phenomenal growth of 260 per cent. New bookings have increased to 4 times and the existing customer base subscription has increased nearly 120 per cent.

The company recently bagged enterprise solution rights for online cross-browser testing service Browserling Inc; stealth startup,; affordable web hosting, SntHostings and end-to-end IT solutions company BMG Informatics.

The Enterprise Solution comes with unrestricted emails, private communication with the highest security and military-grade encryption, better and faster support with efficient technical assistance.

Driving business operations across Education, IT Solutions, Software, Industrial Electronics and Web hosting sectors, Letter’s business ecosystem now includes national as well as international clientele from across 10 countries including India, Portugal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Netherlands, UK, Japan, Brazil, Chile and Australia.

Letter has also launched a new Email Delivery Network globally. Spanning across 15 locations.

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