Lovely Professional University Joins Hands With Cognizant To Educate Faculty On Diversity And Inclusion

More than 50 faculty members will be educated on Diversity and Inclusion.

Lovely Professional University (LPU), one of India’s largest private universities, recently organised a diversity and inclusion orientation workshop for its faculty in collaboration with Cognizant, one of the world's leading professional services companies, to discuss ways of building a culture of inclusiveness in academic campuses.

Ashok Mittal, Chancellor, Lovely Professional University said, “Our vision is to be a premier academic institution recognized for our contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching and learning. Championing diversity and inclusivity in our institution and doing our bit to create a culture of acceptance and affirmation across gender and other differences is a natural extension of that vision. This workshop marked an important first step towards policies and practices aimed at making this vision a reality at LPU. In Cognizant, we have found a partner who is leading the discourse on diversity and inclusion by example.”  

More than 50 faculty members deliberated on diversity, inclusion and disability rights, delving into the pedagogical, infrastructural and cultural changes required to overcome gender barriers and biases and foster greater diversity in places of learning.

The workshop culminated in the formulation of LPU’s diversity and inclusion statement and a structured method for its implementation.

Smriti Ahuja, Vice President, Human Resources, Cognizant, who led the workshop, said, “On behalf of Cognizant, I congratulate Lovely Professional University for pioneering such a dialogue on a critical topic. As a firm believer in the creative and competitive merits of a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment in meeting the complex demands of a changing business environment, we think academic institutions have a key role to play in fostering greater awareness and adoption of diversity and inclusivity. This initiative is a significant step forward in turning the spotlight on diversity and inclusion in campuses. We look forward to engaging with many more progressive colleges across the country in order to help make diversity and inclusivity a way of life in campuses.”

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