Marwadi University’s Faculty of Law Seminar Sees India’s Top Judges

Eminent judges of the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Gujarat along with other dignitaries recently participated in a one-day seminar organised at the newly launched moot court hall at Marwadi University.

Marwadi University has set up the moot court hall which includes HD teleconferencing facilities and interiors that match the best of Indian courtrooms, to help students gain an edge in the legal ecosystem. 

Speaking on the occasion, Justice Shah who discussed various cases where the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has ensured rights of women, children, and victims are protected, also added that, “the heights that Marwadi University is scaling in just a span of a few years was astounding.  It would have been a mistake not to visit the campus to witness first-hand, the state-of-the-art moot court hall constructed by them. He complimented Marwadi University and even offered internships to the students with his office at the Supreme Court of India.

“The moot court is a significant addition to MU’s law faculty, one that will enable students from MU and other universities to engage in the practical aspects of the law via simulations of actual court proceedings, by preparing arguments on behalf of the applicant and the defence of a fictitious legal problem,” said Prof Rhishikesh Dave, Dean, Faculty of Law, MU.

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