Mental Disconnect With Parents - Reasons?

With face paced life, parenting is becoming difficult and hence issues with connecting with growing kids.


Ever since I have been dealing with thousands of children and their career related concerns, I have realized that one of the most common reasons for the gap in the understanding between children and their parents has been a mental disconnect with the family in the teen age of their careers.

Some of the reasons for any such disconnect is being unaware or disapprove any thoughts and ideas of the children by their parents. Another reason is not giving enough time to understand and appreciate the views and opinions of children. Apart from these, not taking interest in the agenda of children in their daily life can also bridge a gap between children and parents.

I keep hearing from a lot of parents that their children don’t understand them, they don’t listen to them and they don’t want to do whatever is being told to them.

My question to all such parents is; when did they do all this for their children? Do they understand their children, do they listen to their children? Do they take interest in their children’s agenda?

Research around the world very clearly says that we reciprocate in likely mannerisms. If we don’t find our children’s views good enough, so how would they find ours?

My request and suggestion to all parents would be to extend a listening ear, keep an open and understanding mind and a non-judgmental heart to their children. It won’t take long for your teenager or adult kid to bring back the golden days of their childhood. You would once again be their mentor and buddy. I request all parents please don’t be the bane of your child’s life, be the supportive rock that you were long time back, to bring back those lost beautiful moments.

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