Mentorship Is Very Important When We Talk About Internships: Abhishek Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, Hex N Bit

BW Education engaged in an exclusive conversation with Abhishek Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of Hex N Bit, where he spoke about skill development, AI & other technical advancements in the education sector, and more.

Hex N Bit seeks to bridge the difference between what is learned in university classes and what is expected by business experts. In light of the increased number of recruiting programmes, the organization recently unveiled the Industry-Connect Internship Programs for Engineering, IT and other technology students. The internship programs aim to improve candidates' skills by exposing them to real-world industrial projects in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, Android Development, Python Programming, PCB Designing, VLSI Design and other areas. Excerpts from the interview:

How Hex N Bit help students enhance their skills and stand out from the crowd?

Hex N bit provides one-stop solutions to the students & Professionals in Industry-connect Skill development programs. The platform not only provides subject expertise to the candidates but also, gives them industry exposure to apply their learnings analytically in a practical real-world with the help of live sessions from Industry mentors, assessments, Industry related projects. Our aim is to bridge the gap between Academia & Industry.

In the recruitment process, any interviewer makes a considerable effort in terms of time and money to hire the interviewee and the majority of the CVs have to turn down due to lack of skill set required from the industry. In most cases, candidates have the skill set but that’s not relevant to the industry so here comes the role of Hex N Bit. We provide and run an industry connect skill development program which not only makes them skilled but highlights their multi-tasking skill as well as improvises their soft skill so that each candidate can be Industry-ready.

Elaborate HexNBit's internship program in association with Higher Education courses along with the importance of industry connect skill development courses?

Mentorship is very important when we talk about internships so we have focused on assigning mentors to the candidate in order to make candidates learn and implement their skills in the practical real world. The programs are based on the work done by the Industry and unlike others, the course structure is paced by highly skilled experienced mentors. There are weekly assignments, quiz, mini project, capstone project which make the candidate feel connected through the course duration. The company also provides Hardware kits to gain more practical knowledge. Moreover, we have seen our candidates are getting placed in Infosys, Tata steel, Tevatron Technologies, etc which is a result of focused industry connect skill development courses given to the candidates.

How many subscriptions did Hex N Bit saw post-pandemic and where do you visualize HexNBit in the next 5 years?

With the overwhelming response from our alumni, we are seeing a monthly increase in the subscription, currently, we are having above 65000 subscriptions from over 140 universities.

We plan to achieve more than 50 million subscriptions in the next 5 years. And setting up at least over 5000 centres of excellence labs along with various industry leaders. Apart from that, we plan to provide courses in regional languages and drive the placement of our registered candidates via our AI-driven job portal where the industry, as well as candidates, can watch out for various opportunities. We are also looking forward to tie-up with national as well as international universities for distance learning degree/diploma program.

Will the business model of Hex N Bit involve courses for teachers to study AI and other technical advances?

Hex N Bit provides a common platform where faculty can also learn & revamp their skills in emerging technologies like AI, Internet of Things, ARM-based advanced embedded system programs etc by interacting with various industry leaders. Connecting UG/PG curriculum with Industry-led case studies will give the exposure to in-demand technologies that will really be going to help the candidate in upskilling themselves.

Which sectors are Hex N Bit concentrating on for future collaborations?

Hex N Bit is focussing on various sectors such as Aerospace, EVs, Finance, Law, CA, CS etc as we are aiming for the one-stop solution for every candidate in upskilling themselves with the help of subject expertise industry mentors.

Hex N Bit is also planning to form a Centre of Excellence lab in various colleges with Industry-led mentorship which will give the candidate exposure to real-time application to their skills. The goal is to upskill candidate to spread awareness among candidates to build an end to end product development in various field

For the Distance learning Degree & Diploma program, Hexnbit is planning to collaborate with National/International Universities which will give a common platform to students, faculty & Industry mentor to interact with each other which will help to bridge the gap between Industry & Academia

How is Hex N Bit planning to capture the market share opportunity, considering the AICTE initiative to offer AI and robotics courses in maximum engineering colleges in 2021?

India with the fastest growing economy and the world’s third-largest education system will play a significant role in the AI revolution. We, at Hex N Bit, are in sync with the NEP 2020 in order to groom candidates with emerging technologies. With highly experienced engineers we have the offering for emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Secure Internet of Things (IoT), Advance Embedded System with STM32.

To reach out to the students all over India, Our COE lab with the latest hardware, tools, software, etc will give practical exposure to the candidate in AI, robotics with various engaging and upskilling programs.

What do you think about the new AICTE amendment, not considering Maths and Physics as a compulsory subject to study engineering?

AICTE amendment has given flexibility to the candidates who want to enter in the Engineering field but are unable to do the same due to some compulsory subjects. Moreover, as per the amendment, AICTE is focusing on revamp Engineering programs such as Agriculture, Textile, Biomedical, etc. As we have seen seats are getting vacant in these fields due to earlier amendments so this proposal will really be going to boost the education system with opportunities and in consequence, the candidate can enter in vivid Engineering fields. Additionally, Maths and Physics are mandatory for the core field such as electronics, mechanical, electrical, etc. So the field which doesn’t require Physics and Maths will be overcome with the help of bridge courses during their UG tenure.

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