Mobile Marketing To Automation Technologies: Digital Marketing Ripe With Opportunities

The growth of digital marketing has unleashed a whole new set of careers for young tech professionals, in creative as well as tech domains. Most of the jobs in digital marketing pay really well.

From content creation, social media management, data analytics to automation tech, the rise of digital marketing has spawned a whole new set of careers for young tech professionals, in creative as well as hard tech domains. The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning has further revolutionized the domain as the industry seeks to create intelligent and automated marketing tracking systems. As for performance marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, and partner marketing emerge as new segments within the domain. They are generating a slew of new opportunities in digital marketing.

Here are some of them:

Mobile marketing specialists

Mobile devices already surpassing desktops in usage have engendered the need for brands to have dedicated mobile marketing strategies. Dedicated mobile apps, mobile-specific advertising and mobile app marketing have become indispensable elements of digital marketing for businesses. With brands increasingly focusing on in-game mobile ads, location-based marketing and mobile image ads, mobile marketing specialists are high on demand.

Marketing Automation experts

An amalgamation of AI and data analytic tools allows several previously manual marketing processes to be automated, resulting in higher efficiency for marketers. By automating a series of manual activities, automation allows marketers greater time to focus on nurturing the leads and completing and developing improved and comprehensive sales strategies. For a young tech professional or a student inclined towards technology, learning AI and automation can enable them to make a career in not just digital marketing but a wide array of other fields as well.

Affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketing is another interesting work opportunity that allows people to earn through multiple digital channels. An affiliate marketer is basically a social or digital media influencer or a professional who gets paid for promoting another brand through his/her digital channel. For example, a popular blogger can earn a commission by promoting a brand on his/her blog. Similarly, a content marketer can earn performance-based commission by using email marketing to promote a brand.

A young professional who writes a popular blog or runs a YouTube channel can consider a career as an affiliate marketer that can be highly rewarding.

Content creators

The need to generate and distribute intelligent and effective content – audio, visual or written -- through multiple digital media channels is at the centre of all digital marketing strategies. Content creation in digital marketing involves strategizing and creating texts, articles, infographics, videos, images to promote a brand, attract traffic and convert potential clients into sales.

Acquiring a short digital course in content creation can be just the right push towards a professional start.

Data Analysts

Big Data has increasingly become elemental in knowing your customers and devising effective digital marketing strategies. When it comes to digital marketing, multi-channel analytics is a key element of data research and analysis. It allows marketers to understand which channels enable greater conversions of customers and improve ROI.

If you are a numbers person, studying data analytics can help you craft a dedicated career for yourself in the field of digital marketing.

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