NEP-2020 Implementation: Dr Ashwath Narayan C.N. Unveils To Education Experts From Commonwealth Countries

More than 200 educational experts and representatives of educational institutions from many countries including Australia, and New Zealand were present

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 Dr Ashwath Narayan C.N., Minister of Karnataka for Higher Education, on Thursday, unveiled to the stakeholders of education from foreign countries at the Commonwealth Education Conference being held in London, how the state (Karnataka) was at the forefront of the implementation of the National Educational Policy (NEP 2020).


In this event organised jointly by the International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC) and ‘Bridge India’, he stated that NEP aspires to provide education relevant to the present times even as it is rooted in Indian heritage. This will create the future generation to have a universal approach even as they are proud of their own culture, Narayan explained.

“Imparting skills, entrepreneurship, and hands-on learning for students were being emphasised. Researchers, industries, and academia have been brought together to draft the student-centric education system and pedagogy. The new education system aims to thrive by giving importance to local languages even as it aspires to make students globally competitive,” Dr Ashwath Narayan said. Meanwhile, the Minister also invited the representatives to attend the ‘Bengaluru Tech Summit -2022' scheduled to be held in November.


Tom Joseph, Executive Director, ISDC was also present at the event. Minister Narayan will also participate in the ‘Education World Forum’ (EWF) to be organised in collaboration with the British Council, which will be held from May 22.

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