NIT Andhra Pradesh Encouraging Entrepreneurship Through Business Success Stories

Institute conducts a five-day online workshop on ‘Business Success Stories from Entrepreneurs’ for students as Entrepreneurs are needed to achieve the Indian Government goal of a $ 5 Trillion Economy by the year 2024

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National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh is working to encourage its students to become entrepreneurs and contribute their efforts towards realising the vision of making India a US$ 5 Trillion Economy by the year 2024. In this direction, the Institute organised a five-day Online Workshop on ‘Business Success Stories from Entrepreneurs’ between 21st and 25th June 2021. 

Recognizing the key role of innovation and entrepreneurship in this process, NIT Andhra Pradesh organized this event for their students to learn from Business Success Stories from Entrepreneurs. 

This will serve to nurture and encourage entrepreneurship among students and young faculty to benefit from the Government of India’s ‘Start-up India,’ ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ Programs.

The Top Outcomes from this five-day Online Workshop include:

  • The students develop an understanding of the application of an entrepreneurial way of thinking that will allow them to identify and create business opportunities that may be commercialized successfully. 
  • Students develop understanding in drafting a business plan
  • Understanding the business ecosystem, avenues of funding and startup sustainability.

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