Namya Joshi Wins The UNESCO Contest Held Worldwide To Identify And Recognize The Young Talents

The theme of the competition was to empower local communities to fulfil Global missions.

Whiz Juniors student Namya Joshi secures winner title in the UNESCO Worldwide Multimedia competition

Whiz Juniors student Namya Joshi, hailing from Ludhiana, secures winner title in the UNESCO Worldwide Multimedia competition for her participation in the 10-14 years age category. The contest was organized by UNESCO to recognize the talent of kids in various age groups. Whiz Juniors joined hands with UNESCO to offer a global platform to their students who displayed their talent and stood at par with the talent across the globe. 

The theme of the competition was to empower local communities to fulfil Global missions. The theme overviewed some extraordinary thoughts and talent from the students who participated with their out of the box brilliant ideas. The top nine winners of the competition will be recognized and showcased in global events during the year. The list of winners is published on UNESCO and USFUCA websites as well.

This year’s UNESCO's competition had maximum participants from India, which has bought out the talent and showcased them on a global platform. This was possible because of Whiz Juniors collaboration with UNESCO to organize the competition as both the organizations are working on similar agenda’s which aim to build a better tomorrow for our children through our own ways by using technology, creative thinking, new and gamified ways of learning and use of innovative technology. These ideas of both UNESCO and Whiz Juniors are aligned and both the organizations with this contest worked together to take their agenda’s one step forward. 

The contest was held in age groups of juniors 10-14, youths of 15-19, young adults of 20-24. The criteria for the contest was to make a project on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 for your country and the students had to develop an idea and solution to accomplish this goal. 

Winners of the event from student category who have done us proud, are Rudra Premani and Tanisha Savla from age group category 10-14 years. Other winners in the age groups 15-19 & 20-24 were from Kazakhstan, India, Ghana, Liberia amongst other participating countries. Other lists of semi-finalist also included Whiz Juniors student Yohaan Sanghvi who made India proud by showcasing his talent in the age group category 10-14 years.

“We were enthralled by the response and the talent showcased by the students. This competition has not only brought an impact in their lives but has also given them a platform to explore their talent and knowledge at a prestigious global platform like UNESCO. With this Whizjuniors model of learning has also got recognized at the global scale” said Vidushi Daga, CEO, Whizjuniors. 

The participation from students, teachers and schools is consistently increasing year on year basis through multiple competitions organised by Whizjuniors. These competitions are being increasingly conducted, as they are popular tools to enable learning with fun and now it has achieved much-needed recognition of unique property among kids, teachers and schools across cities in India.

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