Number Of Indian Students Rising In Italy: De Luca

According to Italian Ambassador Vincenzo de Luca, there are a rising number of Indian students in his country, and the number would rise as a result of cultural interactions.

Italian Ambassador Vincenzo de Luca on Monday said that there is an increasing number of Indian students in his country and the figure will grow due to the cultural exchanges.

The number of Italian students in India too will grow due to the growing cultural exchanges between premier institutions in that country and those in India, like the Rabindra Bharati University (RBU) in the city, he said during a visit to the city.

"There are 5000 Indian students in Italy now. There will be more in the future ... We will have increasing student exchange programmes between Indian and Italian universities," de Luca told PTI.

Besides, the Italian government was about to launch important projects on studies of Italian Indologists.

"We are working in this field. We have one of the best traditions of such studies," the diplomat said during his visit to Jorasanko, the birthplace of Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore, in the city.

Students can ready themselves for the cultural exchange programmes by learning Italian, which is being taught as part of an initiative by the consulate in the city, he said.

RBU Vice-chancellor Sabyasachi Basu Ray Choudhury, who was present during the interaction, said the institute has translated a publication of Antonio Gramsci, a famous thinker, politician and critic from Italian to Bengali as part of an MoU signed with Napoli University.

de Luca said the views of Rabindranath Tagore is more important and relevant in the present times when countries are faced with global challenges and need increased collaboration.

"We need Tagore more and more now. We have to face global challenges, we have to work together to increase collaboration and dialogue ... To meet challenges like climate change, peace and security, for combating pandemics," he said.

Tagore, he said, carried out his mission to meet different cultures across the globe, which was reflected in his world view and left its imprint wherever he went.

To a question, the diplomat said Tagore had visited Italy twice and is very popular in his country. "There is an increasing number of students in Italy who are interested in seeing his (Gurudev''s) works translated into the Italian language."

Consul General of Italy in Kolkata Gianluca Rubagotti accompanied de Luca at Jorasanko, which besides being Tagore's ancestral place, houses a museum named after him and is run by RBU.


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