OD Alternatives Launches ‘Rejuvenative Leadership’ Program To Support Indian Organizations

The rejuvenative program is designed to help the leader’s role model themselves, inspire others, co-create new aspirations and strategies in an inclusive way.

OD Alternatives, a consulting firm announces the launch of their ‘Rejuvenative Leadership’ program to support leaders in organizations and drive rejuvenation initiatives. The Rejuvenative program is designed to help the leader’s role model themselves, inspire others, co-create new aspirations and strategies in an inclusive way and ignite high levels of engagement and enthusiasm across the organisation. The two months’ online program will be in the form of an open enrolment workshop and will be ideal for mid to senior managers, who have the desire and mandate to drive growth and transformation in their organizations.

Commenting on the program launch, Ashok Kumar, CEO of ODA said, “There is a huge need now to regenerate and rejuvenate the system with new hopes, aspirations, strategies and actions. The ‘Rejuvenative Leadership’ program will help leaders with tools and techniques they could use to co-create to energise and revitalize the system and inject an escape velocity to move forward.” Kumar was working with McKinsey & Co for 15 years before he joined ODA.                         

Organizations, barring few, are facing challenges as they are dealing with the current difficult times. Factors like reduced manpower, salaries cuts, and investing a lot of money to make work from home possible for a large number of people have created a tremendous amount of stress individually and collectively. Hence, not only just the economy but also our organizations need to look at rejuvenation and that is the new and urgent role Indian managers need to play.

The leaders need to have a strong strategy to rejuvenate their organisations. Santhosh Babu, Chairman, ODA said, “There are enough examples that we have seen already that tell us that rejuvenation cannot be just a talk or an eyewash. Increased levels of anxiety and stress can force us to use some defence mechanisms, like intellectualisation or denial. But at the end, we need to face the truth, address the truth and take action by injecting positive energy and hope.”

“While most managers and leaders know how to inspire their people and motivate them, a system-wide rejuvenation is going to be more demanding than just motivating people with an impactful speech. It will require the skills that will create new aspirations, strategies and initiatives in a participatory and engaging way. This requires the skills of deep listening, understanding the core life-giving force in their organizations, the ability to be vulnerable and not knowing but yet demonstrating confidence and clarity,” Mr Babu added. 

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