Online Has Become Default Mode Of Education At Present: Abhishek Patil, CEO, Oliveboard

In an exclusive chat with BW Education, Abhishek Patil, CEO and Co-founder, Oliveboard, spoke about the relevance of online learning in the present situation.

The lockdown has an adverse effect on the psyche of students, how can online learning platforms help to cope with the same?

New disruptions caused by the pandemic may lead to isolation and anxiety, and it is extremely important to take care of the body and the mind. Online Learning helps students stay motivated, focussed and limit distractions by keeping them engaged in various assignments and activities.

All the competitive exams are being rescheduled due to the COVID-19 crisis, how do you suggest the students to plan their study time-table in such uncertainty?

This is a time of uncertainty. Those appearing for competitive exams have been left clueless, without any indication of the new dates. However, one thing is certain, exams are postponed, not cancelled. Banks and government sectors will need people and they will recruit soon. It's important for students to prepare themselves better for the future. Students can use this time to improve their weak areas and learn new things.

How can students access the new tests being offered every day by Oliveboard and understand their all India ranking?

Log in to the official website;

Click on Register, a tab you can find on the top right corner;

Enter in the details and click on Register;

Once done, you will be redirected to a page with various options of examinations;

You will have to click on the Bank & Insurance tab;

This will redirect you to a page with all the content, mock tests and video lessons.

We at Oliveboard, update the ranking on a daily basis in our app/website basis the LiveTest conducted every day.

Please provide the statistics regarding the number of students enrolling for different online courses related to MBA, Banking, SSC, Railways, Insurance and Government Job exams?

- More than 70k students have registered for the free GharPe Coaching course.
- 15-20k students take the Free Lockdown Live Test every day.
- Additionally, we have 6 million registered subscribers on our website

How useful are online platforms proving to be in the present situation of lockdown?

Online has become a default mode of education at present. Virtual master classes and interactive sessions, free access to numerous courses and databases, are some of the services that online platforms are offering to raise the skills of the students. These classes are really turning out to be useful for everyone in the society especially during the lockdown as they are benefited with the same purpose of learning that they initially were before the lockdown started. This is helping the teachers too as they get to communicate with their students and share knowledge. Due to the pace at which the online classes are functioning the students are able to dedicate some time learning even though they are actually not going to the place at which it is taught. 

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