Passion And Persistence Of Off-beat Courses In The Industry

Newer fields like web technologies, tourism, data sciences etc. are broadening the horizon of young ambitions.

There was a time, not very long in the past when parents would insist on their children becoming either Engineers or Doctors. If not that, then either teachers, lawyers or accountants or perhaps general managers. The education of a fresh graduate was limited to a few fields. Thankfully, that has now changed, with the fields increasing in scope and the addition of new streams for the youth. In India, for example, Business Management is a field that is garnering popularity and thereby many specialized streams of Business Management are now being taught at various Universities.

Similarly, newer courses in the fields of environmental sciences, performance studies, media studies and education have added more options for the youth. At the same time, newer fields like web technologies, tourism, data sciences etc. are broadening the horizon of young ambitions. This is definitely a welcome step in the progressive development of our country. But, is there truly a demand for these off-beat courses?

As we see more and more universities offer novel courses, students too, seem to be interested in exploring newer options that reflect their dreams. The youth of today is bold, confident and industrious. Just take a look at all the successful bloggers and vloggers around you! India is teeming with young influencers and activists who are unafraid of new challenges and possibilities. Moreover, in a world that is becoming more accepting of originality and individuality, students are actively seeking out unconventional courses. And having such courses in our education system only seems to reflect the desires of a modern, young India. If we create an education system that can provide world-class pedagogies which keeps abreast with the dynamic spirit of the contemporary times, students will no longer need to go abroad to become chefs, sommeliers, musicologists, museologists, or any such courses that are off the beaten track. 

As an industry ready to bloom, we are envisioning such a module of education which will feel the vibrant pulse of the nation’s youth and cater to their budding enthusiasm. In keeping with the National Education Policy 2020, full-fledged courses on yoga, performing arts and environmental management are a positive commencement. To meet the demands of more curious minds, it is ideal that such subjects also be provided as certificate or diploma courses. Although not new, these fields were widely considered more hobbies than careers and hence, students were hesitant to pursue them. It is time these notions outdate and a space where such streams can become viable careers for those passionate about them can be provided. With the increased importance of skilling, several B. Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation) courses are looked upon. Such programmes will provide professional training and opportunities in erstwhile unorthodox careers such as wealth management, sports and entertainment management, retail, tourism and web technologies. With such diverse options, a stronger workforce that is not just interested in, but also trained in, is hoped to be built with the finest elements of the various industries.

Several off-beat courses like Educational Technology, Data Sciences and Business Analytics, Vocal Music, Classical Dance etc. may seem new as career options, but these vocations have always been around in our society. It is rather our perceptions towards them that has changed. We have now begun recognizing these skills as equally important as, say, education in the sciences. After all, which human does not listen to music or think about better education? After all, even culinary sciences are vital to our well-being but are often just passed down as traditional knowledge rather than ‘science’. Developing a wider approach to these courses will bolster not just education but also research in these fields which will, in turn, help to boost the employment and economy of the country. 

As a passionate educationist, I find it imperative to focus on the potentials of these off-beat courses. There is not only a demand for these courses but also a market for these careers which, when tapped into, will truly lead the way to a more holistic future for both our country and the world. We look forward to producing more global citizens who will shape the unexplored facets of the new world. Our education system is gearing up to meet the demands of these bright young minds which are full of dreams, desires and ambitions.

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