Postponing Competitive Exams: Boon or Curse

Is the pandemic forcing us to change the education structure in the country?

As the second surge of COVID-19 takes hold, states across India have had to make the hard decision to either cancel or postpone critical final year exams, such as the CBSE Board exam. While there are several online learning platforms, there is still difficulty setting up a remote examination system.

This pandemic may call the entire education system into reformation. The extensive debate on the validity of Board exams has come back into question. First, it was simply debating the merit of CBSE Board Exams for 10th class, it seems the same is happening for 12th-grade exams too.

There are some systems, however, that are not as badly affected by this. Mainly, the International Schools that offer Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE); International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, IBDP and A - levels. These education systems have ongoing assessment system. The value of the final exams can differ depending on the subject.

“The college admissions for students from international curriculums have not been affected as the universities will be accepting the final results, from the upcoming boards in July/August as always and confirming the conditional offers. These results are authentic as the international curriculums are working on scientific data to procure this specific grade in line with valid evidence and explanations. Although a few students who were banking on the end of year exams are at a loss as they have missed that one last chance to improve their grades. The exams getting postponed have both positive and negative implications but the rigorous and multi-designed assessments have always been a standard process in the international school curriculum,” Dr Sonia Soni, Head - Career Guidance Counselor and Psychology Faculty, International Curriculum, Aditya Birla World Academy.

That is not to say, that International school have been immune to the pandemic or that their system is perfect. Perhaps though there are elements we can adapt to our system. The pandemic demands a change in our education system, whether we like it or not. Right now the primary concern is the well being of students and their future in education.

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