Prama Hikvision Offers Temperature Screening Solutions For Safe Reopening Of Education Institutions

The Temperature Screening Cameras now seem to be getting widely adopted by most educational institutions.

Education Institutions across India are looking for breakthrough solutions to resolve the health and safety concerns after the recently issued fresh guidelines by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) for safe reopening. In some parts of India the schools have already reopened and in others plans are underway to open the schools.  To protect the education ecosystem from the COVID-19 pandemic, Prama Hikvision has come up with an impressive line-up of solutions for the Education Sector. To ensure health, safety and wellbeing of all the stakeholders of India’s vibrant education community, Prama Hikvision offers a Temperature Screening Solution, a Crowd-Flow Management Solution and a Social Distancing Check Solution. These Health and Safety Monitoring Solutions, besides being designed to help Safe Reopening of Education Institutions across India, are also instrumental in ensuring strict compliance of the government guidelines.

Using a Touch-Free Temperature-screening solution is one current measure being used to quickly spot individuals with an elevated skin temperature (EST). This detection method is designed to help the initial screening of EST., This method also reduces manual testing time and safety risks to those involved in the detection process. The Temperature Screening Cameras now seem to be getting widely adopted by most educational institutions.

The Essential Features: These thermal cameras are equipped with the capabilities as below:

  • These thermal cameras are capable of accurately monitoring the skin-temperature of all the incoming people, students, staff or visitors.
  • These also raise an alert in case someone with an elevated temperature is spotted within the camera range, such that proactive measures can be taken.
  • There is a mask-alert as well, the entry access can be restricted to visitors not wearing a mask.
  • The cameras can detect the skin temperature of as many as thirty people simultaneously.
  • It’s a perfect contact-free process where the cameras work silently at a distance of 1.5 meters or more.

In this context, it is also important to note that a Temperature Screening Technology should carry all the desirable characteristics. It should be capable to capture the face temperature from a distance and be truly contactless, it should have an accuracy range of a minimum of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius, it should be able to scan multiple individuals at once for skin temperature and mask compliance detection with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, and it should be able to capture the temperature irrespective of the distance and the directional position of the target person. 

Steps for safe Re-opening of Education Institutes:

Temperature Screening and Mask Detection at Entrance Lobbies: Upon arriving at school, students and staff shall be guided to the pre-set entrance lobbies for preliminary temperature measurement before entering the campus. A variety of devices are available to meet temperature measurement, mask detection and attendance management needs.

Mask Detection at Open Areas: Open areas are where students carry out after-class activities. It is recommended to install IP cameras for face mask detection and intrusion detection so as to better protect students.

Powerful Data Management and Visualized Demonstration: At the control room, site managers and security staff can view statistics and temperature records of all connected sites in real time using HikCentral (Video Management Software). HikCentral creates instant popups and other notifications upon detection of abnormal temperatures.

Compliance of Mask Guidelines: Wearing masks is recommended as a measure to contain respiratory droplets and protect the general public. Masks are also commonly included in worldwide health guidelines towards reopening. Hence, compliance with this guideline has become crucial to many organizations. Video technology can help monitor the use of protective masks in clever and unobtrusive ways.

Mask Detection Alerts:  AI algorithms can detect whether a person is wearing a mask. The system then triggers a pre-defined action if no mask is detected, such as, for example, a voice prompt or a link to an access system to deny entry. This provides a simple way to monitor the situation, or even to remind people of the rules. Hikvision’s thermal and AcuSense cameras, as well as MinMoe temperature screening terminals are equipped to detect masks. A specialized interface on Hikvision’s Deep-in-Mind NVRs can also be used to visually display temperature and mask status together, making monitoring much easier. 

Wide Range of Options: Prama Hikvision offers temperature screening solutions through various product types including installed thermographic cameras, handheld thermographic cameras, metal detector doors, and MinMoe access terminals that can be flexibly deployed in a wide range of applications.

Dome and Bullet Thermal Cameras: These cameras, with a high temperature accuracy can detect the elevated skin-temperature levels to make the preliminary screening. It is a non-contact process which can achieve accuracy more than one meter away.

Hand Held Thermal Camera: A Standalone Solution, eliminating the need of any additional device like a recorder or a POE switch.

Door Frame Metal Detector with Thermal Camera: Thermal Cameras integrated with a DFMD are particularly advised to be installed at locations where there is a crowd or a gathering of people or a queue formation. These can do the thermal scanning and also check against people walking in with any metallic substance.

Touch-free Access Control Terminals: MinMoe Face recognition terminals can be customised with temperature screening and mask wearing alerts, they can be fitted on a High Speed Entrance Control solution like Swing Barrier. They can check attendance and prohibit entry access to suspected people.

Onboard Temperature Screening & Mask Detection: The school bus system is one of the most important transportation methods for students. Hikvision’s Smart Onboard Temperature Screening Terminals support non-contact skin-surface temperature measurement, mask detection, attendance check and audio alarms to detect abnormal temperatures at an earlier stage and keep bus travel safe.

Social Distancing and Density Control: Social distancing plays an important role in “flattening the curve” in the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, school managers also need to identify and mitigate areas where students may congregate, so as to ensure safe campus spaces. Technologies incorporating social distancing and occupancy detection can be put into places like these to assist the process. 

The Social Distancing solution uses people counting and 3D modelling technologies to measure the distance between people accurately. The distance measurement can be adjusted, according to scenario, or changing Government regulations, for example. Hikvision Dual Lens Cameras help education institutions measure social distancing, and its advanced 3D binocular stereo vision and deep learning algorithm can be configured to trigger alarms according to local regulations and requirements. Users can set the minimum contact distance threshold needed; when the distance becomes less than this pre-set threshold, an instant alarm and popup will appear with audio and video linkage.

Flow Control Solution: Hikvision’s Flow Control System utilizes highly accurate people counting technology. A clear, dynamic display and real-time alerts ensure pre-defined capacity thresholds are never exceeded, even in locations with multiple entrances and exits, such as, for example, big education campuses. A digital sign can be integrated at entrance areas to display real-time occupancy data, as well as temperature and mask information, letting visitors know when it is safe to enter premises. Hikvision’s video solution provides the necessary features and functionalities to assist with the process of social distancing. For multi-entry scenarios, people counting cameras can be installed at each entrance and exit, equipped with I-Series NVRs or HikCentral to calculate numbers of people entering or leaving, so as to accurately provide real-time number data.

Safe Reopening for education sector requires all of us to move forward together, employing the recommended best practices and maintaining safe daily habits in order to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Cutting-edge video technologies can help various organizations better observe the instructions and guidance. Prama Hikvision, has dedicated product packages for education vertical specific applications and solutions, including schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. It has multiple application cases across India to bolster the cause of safe reopening for the education sector.

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