Preparing For NEET Amidst Pandemic

How to stay focused and prepare to score 600+ marks in NEET 2021 amidst exam uncertainties

Yet another year is facing the crisis of delayed academic session, not just in India but across the globe. The Class X and XII board exams got cancelled due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainties over entrance exams like JEE and NEET 2021 have put a lot of stress on students, who are finding it difficult to remain focused on their studies.  

However, this situation is beyond anyone’s control. You can only wait for the announcement of exam dates. But instead of wasting time, you can utilise time at your disposal in such a manner that you will gain an edge over your competitors. Remember, NEET is not an exam to demonstrate just your absolute performance but it’s all about relative performance based on which you will be able to claim a seat in a medical college in India.  

If you are sure about appearing in NEET 2021, you should consider the current situation as a blessing in disguise and invest time in strengthening your preparation. This lockdown can be a stepping stone towards a brighter tomorrow. All you need to do is stay positive and utilize this extra time efficiently and judiciously to boost your preparation. 

Here’s how you can move further and target a score of 600+ in NEET 2021

Stay strong and consistent till you reach your goal

The key to success at work and in life is not really starting strong - it’s staying strong. And one of the keys to having that staying power is the idea of self-regulation. You may have started your preparation for NEET really hard and with utmost enthusiasm but your efforts must continue till the exam is over. Only your willpower and the extent of your self-discipline define your success. So keep your studies on in a planned manner with an appropriate degree of flexibility. 

Amidst pandemic, you must be using an electronic device such as a mobile phone or a tablet or a laptop for your online classes, tests, and self-study. But make sure that these devices do not become a source of various kinds of distraction. Hold your nerves and remove social media apps, and games from your device and make it free from unnecessary notifications. Curtail any non-academic activities. In other words, you should convert your electronic device into a learning device, at least till your final exams are over. 

Use power of reiteration

Cyclic repetition embeds the information in the subconscious mind. Medical aspirants need to keep a lot of data and facts in mind. Every NEET aspirant must repeat, restate, renew and create an echo of the data, and facts to make sure that the content is well retained in his or her mind. Most students feel confident enough on certain topics and they do not find any reason to revise again and again. Here the gap starts digging the hole and many times students fall prey to such pseudo-confidence resulting in loss of marks due to silly mistakes in the final exam. Use the power of reiteration and ensure the retention of data in the subconscious mind. 


There is no substitute to self-study. It plays an important role in the overall success. However unplanned self-study will take you nowhere. It could put you in a trap with the passage of time. The self-study should be well planned and time should be devoted to each subject proportionately based on the length of the chapters. The whole subject should be divided into a smaller group of similar chapters and these chapters should be studied and revised within a defined timeline. If you put in your best efforts to meet the timelines, the entire revision will get over well in advance and you will get sufficient time to practice the Multiple Choice Questions. 

Focus on NCERT textbooks

Your NCERT textbooks hold the key to your NEET success. Every line of the NCERT textbooks entails important information. Remember, 85-90 per cent of questions asked in NEET come from the lines of NCERT only. Hence, it is of utmost importance to revise the NCERT textbooks at least 8-10 times to make sure that you have a good command of theories. To help NEET aspirants with easy revision of NCERT, Aakash has launched NCERT Map which can be used to revise NCERT content multiple times before appearing for NEET 2021. 

Online mock tests

It is rightly said that practice makes preparation perfect. Good practice can help you ace these exams. Although NEET has to happen in pen-paper mode, there is no doubt that online test platforms can be a boon for you. They give you well-prepared, real-time reports and analytics to help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Error analysis and timely action on weak areas will certainly pave the way for success. Don’t forget to attempt at least one mock test daily, especially during the last 30 days before the NEET 2021 exam. 

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